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Types of Relationships

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Human relationships have always perplexed me. These seemingly simple bonds between people can amount to so much and cause such commotion that lives change drastically within minutes in these relationships. Especially in the fast changing world of today. In my piece I am going to be telling you about the three types of relationships I see taking place. Over time, I have asked myself three questions, finding the answers along the way, which is what I will be explaining to you. To begin, how much does one compromise on self-gratification for the sake of commitment?

Or should one compromise at all in the name of love? Finally, what happens when love is found outside ones’ commitment? To start off, how much does one compromise on self gratification for the sake of commitment? What I have seen in regards to this scenario is basically to satisfy parents or tradition. This basically comes hard for the person making the compromise mainly because even though they may be happy, they are just not in that totally-in-love state and as a whole, not fully in the relationship.

In such a relationship the person who has made the compromise is just in the relationship in a lost state where the other person is there trying to take it further and make it work whereas just being in it for maintaining it sake. The person making the compromise I would say is robbing themselves their true love as well as the other person involved. Why have someone love you and want so much from a bond when you can’t seem to find the zeal for it as well? It makes no sense to spin a top in mud; it only brings hurt in years to come.

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This type of relationship can be seen in families of wealth and good economic status. Secondly, should one compromise at all in the name of love? My answer to this is NO! This really makes no sense and ends up just hurting the other person badly. It’s like a slap in the face saying that you have just played with them for so long. The other person would just take it as thought you were there to satisfy and act out the role of being in a bond. Compromising in the name love is just wrong to do; whatever the circumstances.

This sort of actions you would find in arranged marriages and usually it is the female that has to make this compromise and suffer. A classic example of this type of relationship can be seen in arranged marriages in Indian families, but these are not limited for Indian families in India; these can still be seen in American or other parts of the world where Indian or Muslim families reside. Only true love can set them free of this compromise but it just ends up in a big blunder because it would create a lot of friction and pose a lot of questions.

When someone truly loves, they expect to have it back in return. Not an act. Lastly, what happens when love is found outside ones’ commitment? This to me is a sad thing but also a happy thing when it is dealt with maturely and with much understanding. Regarding my earlier points; imagine in this compromise that is made. It takes a true person to understand when love is found outside a relationship by the compromising partner.

Although the other party is strongly in love with this person, they would understand that this was not their love story after all and should be happy that their partner found theirs. Yes it is a sad thing to happen in a relationship, but when one understands the meaning of true love only then they can let go without any qualms. In conclusion I would just like to let you know that in these relationships listed above really toys’ with emotions and in somewhat way sets people free to truly love.

So next time a relationship hinders your way I urge yourself to ask yourself the questions I explained or even more ask yourself while you are in it. How much does one compromise on self-gratification for the sake of commitment? Or should one compromise at all in the name of love? Finally, what happens when love is found outside ones’ commitment? I assure you if you can analyze these three questions of relationship, you would indeed have a good approach and grasp on your commitment.

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