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Toyota management

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Toyota management observed that rework took considerable time and production cost for mass manufacturers like Ford, and rightly thought that doing things right in the very first time as an effective cost cutting measure. ” (Subedi and Maheshwari, 2007 ) Toyota has been active in doing the same where it has completed four tasks in order to attain TQM as follows: 1. It created the concept of an assembly line within its plant where workers were assigned specific tasks or machines. 2. The workers would then be empowered with knowledge about the machines they would be using.

The workers were trained to learn about the machines and be able to handle them in all scenarios. 3. The workers were encouraged to fix the machine right then and there if it malfunctioned in order to remove the time lag created when waiting for the engineer to respond to the crisis (since at the time the engineer was the only individual who was competent enough to fix the machine). Workers learnt to create preventive measures and follow them in order to keep their respective machines from being malfunctioned in any manner.

In theory, there are seven types of quality tools and techniques that can be used by Toyota in order to improve on its painting process namely, 1. Cause-and-effect diagram 2. Check sheet 3. Control charts 4. Histogram 5. Pareto chart 6. Scatter diagram 7. Stratification The two most suitable quality tools for Toyota would be the control charts and the check sheet, because as the company is in the beginning stages of its process, it can define a structured and defined format for quality standards of the company.

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And once this data has been collected, Toyota can also look into control charts in order to view how the process has changed over the time. References 1. ASQ. Seven Basic Quality Tools. Retrieved on March 1, 2009 from: http://www. asq. org/learn-about-quality/seven-basic-quality-tools/overview/overview. html 2. Subedi, D. and Maheshwari, S. (2007). Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Profitability and Efficiency of Baldridge Award Winners. Delhi Business Review. Volume 8. No. 1 (January – June 2007)

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