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Total Quality Service

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Topic: Total Quality Service Summary: Total quality service and total quality management as a business strategy designed to add value to customers. It begins by discussing the roots of quality assurance and total quality management, and TQM. Also, it is to explore the relationship between total quality management (TQM) practices and service quality as well as the relationship between TQM practices and market orientation.

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However, most of what has been written on TQM is usually related to manufacturing related organizations even though it is widely believed that the concepts and principles under TQM are equally relevant to service organizations. Critical dimensions of TQS A review of literature on quality management implied that the critical dimensions of TQS could be broadly categorized under three groups as follows: 1) Those dimensions of manufacturing quality management that can be effectively used in service organizations of course with due modifications (these include dimensions such as top management commitment and visionary leadership, human resource management, design and management of processes, information and analysis, benchmarking, continuous improvement, employee satisfaction, and customer focus).

2) Those dimensions that are seldom addressed in the literature, but are nevertheless key elements of TQM in both manufacturing and service organizations (e. g. union intervention and social responsibility). (3) Those factors that is highly unique to service organizations (namely, services capes the man-made physical environment ± and service culture). The TQM dimensions that have been identified in service organizations are as follows: 1) top management commitment and visionary leadership (TMCL); 2) human resource management (HRM); ) technical system (TS); 4) information and analysis system (I & A); 5) benchmarking (BM); 6) continuous improvement (CI); 7) customer focus (CF); 8) employee satisfaction (ES); 9) union intervention (UI); 10) social responsibility (SR); 11) servicescapes (SP); and 12) service culture (SC) Also, an empirical study that examines the difference of the relationship between TQM and quality performance in the manufacturing and service firms.