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Theories of Crime

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Describe how you think Intelligence-Led Policing in the United States should be conducted. Intelligence-led policing is the latest means by which police authorities solve crimes instead of acting only after a crime has been consummated (“Intelligence-Led Policing in the United States”). This shift from the old practice needs more development in order to cope up with the changing technological advancement around the world. Besides, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, made this revolution essential.

I know that such huge attack in the United States became successful because of negligence and underestimating the capabilities of criminals in using technology to evade the law. For me, there are three ways wherein intelligence-led policing should be conducted in the United States. First, there should be constant look-out of people coming in the country and going out of the same. The possibility of criminals coming in the country not detected by the police is high due to their networks and resources.

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Second, there should be a more effective system wherein all intelligence units across the country could interact directly through the development of technology to that effect. And third, all suspicious and non-suspicious but possible perpetrators must be constantly monitored for possible crime or terrorism activities, and such action must be done in accordance with law. Specifically, how would you recommend setting up the intelligence community in the United States?

Globalization, fast-tracked by development in technology and transportation, has transformed the world smaller for criminals and bigger for state and local law enforcement (“Intelligence-Led Policing)”. In that sense, setting up the domestic intelligence or the FBI must be magnified to the effect that it is no longer limited to domestic perpetrators but to all their possible accomplices and accessories within the country.

The CIA, which is the foreign intelligence must focus on small groups of individual who are capable of consummating criminal acts and study their possible allies and supporters. The role of the militaries is vital in having access to these groups of criminals as they are capable to use bigger force to solve crimes. It would be better if a unified action be made in every intelligence reports received by all authorities in order to prevent commission of crimes against national security and individual well-being.

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