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The Reasons for Transfer to Seattle University

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Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. Finally the time had arrived. I was a college student attending my first political science class. As I sat in my chair with eager excitement to learn more about my major, I looked around the room with astonishment as to the amount of students in one classroom.

No matter, the important thing was that I had finally arrived and I was ready to listen and learn. Halfway through the professor's lecture about Comparative Politics, I raised my hand to ask a question about a statement he said. The professor, although I knew he had no intention on ignoring my question, did not notice my hand. I was so far back that saying something out loud would have required shouting, and I was not very keen on that idea. So after about two minutes I gave up hope and put down my hand.

Although the idea of a large classroom had not bothered me before, this incident truly made me feel the immensity of the class. I was merely one student out of 260. In my previous high school, I had never been in a classroom with over 25 students. For the first time I felt distant and a bit helpless. Eventually I was able to ask my professor my question during office hours, but I never quite forgot that feeling I had when my hand went unnoticed, and it was because of that feeling that I refrained from asking questions during any of my large lecture classes.

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As the quarter continued, I began feeling distant in other aspects of my college life. University of California, Riverside is located about an hour away from any major city, and because of that it was harder to travel and explore. Downtown Riverside, being as small as it is, only has a minimal of activities. It lacks, in my eyes, opportunities that a larger city could provide. Being a Political Science major, I want to be located in an area that I believe can bring me as much opportunity for internships and jobs.

"51.1 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students." This sentence was music to my ears while I was researching Seattle University. The small classroom environment that Seattle University provides is one where I will be more comfortable in and therefore strive even more academically. Not too mention that the university is in one of the greatest cities in the U.S. I will be in the center of an intermingling of cultural diversity and opportunity that not only the school has to offer, but the entire city around it as well.

No longer will I feel distant from my professors or what the city has to offer. The University also caught my attention because I know I will be well verse in the subjects I find most intriguing in my major; power and law, social justice, social and economic policy, race and gender, international conflict, etc. This school has the foundation that will support my objectives to thrive academically, complete my degree in political science, and ultimately become successful in my career.

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