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The question is who am I?

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The question is who am I? I've often wondered how to answer this question and what it is that makes me well me. Is it superficial things such as my age or my height. Is it my character, my beliefs, my personality, my interest or a combination of all these things. It takes more than a one-word description or label to define a person, to define me.

Who am I? Personally wise, I am a shy, compassionate, sarcastic, and attentive person. I tend to be more reserved and quiet around new people and large crowds. When I am around those I know or am close to my outgoing side comes out. You get to see the extremely witty Kiara; the girl who loves to laugh and show you craziness. I am always willing to be there for others with simple actions such as listening or comforting them with words. I try not to judge anyone or their choices because you don't ́t know that person's thoughts or story.
I enjoy the simple things in life such as laughing with my friends at the dumbest things. I enjoy being with my sisters and being our natural crazy selves. Going on road trips with my family and blasting music in the car. I also enjoy traveling and seeing a different light on things.

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My family is the ones who have shown me the most love and support throughout my life. The ones who I can rely on to make me feel better. They have taught me to stand up for the ones I love as well as myself. My mom has taught me how to overcome obstacles. She taught me how to pick myself back up and do things for myself rather than worrying about what others think. Something I used to struggle with was always wanting to please others instead of doing what was best for me. My dad was the one who taught me to go after my goals and work hard for the things that I'm passionate about. He was the one who gave me advise and pep talks after hard times. My older sister taught me what hard work can get you and to appreciate the small things.

My biggest goal in life is to help others become their best self. I want to be able to take their worries and stress away. After high school, I have decided to go to a four-year university to pursue a degree in psychology. This path will allow me to achieve my goal of helping others overcome their problems.

I am a girl with a dual personality. I am shy and reserved around those I don't ́t know and witty and outgoing around those I am comfortable with. I am someone who is always willing to lend a hand and comfort those around me. I am someone who tries not to judge others on their choices or looks. I am a simplistic person who enjoys the little things in life. Those small things that can make me happy. I am a strong and compassionate person who has learned to find a balance in life. I am from the small moments and life experiences. I am who I am Kiara.

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