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Othello study question

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There are three mall reasons for why Ago hates Othello. The first being that Ago deeply believes that there used to be an affair between his wife Email and Othello. While there is no actual evidence to support the affair, the fact that Ago believes it happened supports the fact that he is very paranoid and might be searching for reasons to hate Othello. The second is that Othello denied Ago a promotion he believes he very much deserved.

The fact that Othello gives the promotion to Cassia is what leads Ago to take out revenge on both. The third (and most obvious reason to me) Is the simple fact that Othello Is a Moor (black) and Ago Is angry act the fact Othello has authority over him and is praised by the other characters. On line 1. 3. 322, Ago meant that we get to choose who we want to be and that whatever we nurture becomes our nature. Ago chose to warn Othello because he is two-faced and wants to remain on Othello side just long enough to take him down. . Line 1. 2. 60, spoken by Othello, means that neither Barbarian or Ordering had ever drawn there swords before. Othello is mocking them because they are both inexperienced and are pulling out shiny new swords against a great warrior. Act 2 1 . Ago (who we all know to be a sexist by now) Is very cynical towards females and views them all as meaningless. We can tell from way he treats his wife that he Is unappreciative of women. He Is also very critical and engrave towards all women, believing them to be nothing but deceptive.

On line Ago describes women as being "pictures out of doors, bells in your parlors, wildcats in your kitchens, saints in your injuries, devils being offended, Players in your housewife, and housewives in your beds" (all deceptive and unfaithful creatures). . Shakespeare reveals Sago's true character through soliloquies because they give Ago a chance to actually be honest outside of his deceptive character in the main story.

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Othello study question

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This is where the dramatic irony of the drama comes from. Sago's soliloquies also further the motif of the contrast between light and darkness (Ago revealing in his soliloquies the darkness of his heart matches the darkness of Othello skin, making them opposites Inside and out and how most of lagans evil plans are set Into motion at night, the physical representation of Sago's Inner personality). All of this

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