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The PC magazine

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The PC magazine website offers ample information on technology and ensures that members or even nonmembers visiting the site have access to the most recent and useful information on products and services. The site has a concrete structure making it sound and relevant to the target audience. That is, the home page, main sections and subsections are available to the viewer immediately after the website uploads. It is through the homepage that individuals can derive contact information on the Company’s profile, contact information among other features.

The main sections include reviews which include information on the products and services such as desktops, laptops, cell phones and software among others. Other main sections which have their individual subsections include downloads, news and opinion, PCMAG network, PCMAG everywhere, Tips and Business (PC MAG. COM, 2010). Furthermore, an individual visiting the site for the first time will automatically become enthused by the immense products and services which are placed overtly throughout the site.

Overall Look and Feel This is quite appealing to the ordinary person regardless of their interests and grasp of technological knowhow because it is simple, easy to navigate and quite effective. Ideally, the site is targeting anyone interested in their products and services whether for resale purposes or for individual use. The colorful images of products which flag the site’s home page and other subsections are very alluring and even create a comforting feel.

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Even the sales copy is written in such a way that there is an imaginary conversational feel which places the reader closer to the company and its products or services. However, a limitation observed on the site is the presence of too much information on the site’s homepage, sections and subsections. While in search of information on a specific product like desktops, it can be rather difficult to concentrate on it because alongside the review there are other topics present. Useful Features Most useful on the site is information on products and services.

For instance, different types of laptops are showcased effectively and are accompanied by user ratings, reviews and general information on the laptop’s features. Furthermore, the prices are displayed openly without having to navigate to another page to view them. As observed in Acer Aspire 1830T-3721 (PC MAG. COM, 2010), It is easy to check the laptop’s details by merely perusing through the important details and make up your mind to buy it immediately. Interesting Features Links visited included www. smallpc. com, USAnotebook.

com/Africa laptops, while links intended for visiting included www. itbusinessedge. com/smartphones and DHgate. com. The site also had manual guides which were rather interesting in their simple and informative structure and ready for use by first time buyers. Bottom-line Evaluation and Relation to Learning Objectives As a user of such products like laptops, cell phones and MP3 players and cameras, this site is of great value. It not only provides adequate information about these products but also offers a reliable and easy way of purchasing them.

Evaluating the best option among the many items is made easy by the news on the products and user ratings. Knowledge management is rather crucial in all areas of life and gaining the right information amounts to effective decision making. In addition, as highlighted by Levinson (2007) Knowledge management can indeed amount to ample benefits. As it is observed on the site, the company is earning revenue from their use of effective knowledge sharing assets and increased their customer base through such technological assets like twitter, and Facebook.

This is so especially because, first time customers are able to transfer their knowledge of the company’s products and services to others who might be interested making them knowledge coaches as indicated by Leonard and Swap (2005). Wiig (2010) postulates that for such benefits to be accrued by either individuals or organizations it is necessary that knowledge is formulated, organized and transferred appropriately and explicitly. As such, a company like PCMAG. COM has evidently considered the information needs of their target audience and catered for them.

Consequently the target audience finds the site to be of utmost value to them. References Leonard, D. , & Swap, W. (2005). The Knowledge Coach. HBS Working Knowledge. Retrieved on July 22nd 2010, from: http://hbswk. hbs. edu/item/4562. html Levinson, M. (2007). Knowledge Management Definition and Solutions. Retrieved on July 22nd 2010, from: http://www. cio. com/article/print/40343 PCMAG. COM. (2010). Ziff Davies, Inc. Retrieved on July 22nd 2010, from: http://www. pcmag. com/ Wiig, K. M. (N. D. ) On the Management of Knowledge. The Wiig Group. Retrieved on July 22nd 2010, from http://www. km-forum. org/wiig. htm

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