Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Communications Report

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I spoke with Michael Clinton; Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing officer who works for Hearst Corporation. Hearst Corporation is one of our nation’s leading magazine publishers, including Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Mr.

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Clinton responded with enthusiasm to my questions regarding his duties as Chief Marketing Officer for Harper’s Bazaar where he is in charge of all publications that are published in magazines for the Hearst Company.

He makes certain that all ads are perfectly laid out and that paying ad customers are happy with their layouts before printing. He clued me in on some vital information which I found extraordinarily useful in my search for knowledge in the marketing and communications field. I began asking Mr. Clinton if he felt that the magazine industry was worthwhile in today’s trying economical hardships and he answered by filling me in on why he felt that his job would always be beneficial, no matter what trying times the country endured.

He felt that, in his honest opinion that society would always purchase magazines and his reasons were that magazines are always priced so that consumers are able to afford them since they are almost never priced beyond what reading consumers can afford. He stated that “The price of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine doesn’t usually go up often” and he also noted that “with today’s economy on the decline”, he see no reason for any price increases. I feel that Michael Clinton is happy with his marketing position. Mr. Clinton was extremely polite in our conversation as he offered words of encouragement and enthusiasm as he spoke of perfection and eye appeal in approving any magazine ads. Mr. Michael Clinton: I want to personally thank you for taking time from your busy schedule and answering the marketing and communications questions. Your answers about your position with Harper’s Bazaar Magazine helped me decide that a marketing career in fashion magazines would be a perfect career choice for me and one that would prove exciting and productive.

I feel grateful for the fact that you explained that advertising and marketing would be a safe career choice and even during economical hardships for most of your readers, that magazines are always affordable and should never affect the magazine industry. Thank you, again for your time and effort. I appreciate all the advice you have generously offered and I can easily understand why your magazines sell so many copies. Thank you,