The Life of a Homeless Individual in On Dumpster Diving, an Essay by Lars Eighner

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2023
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With this interesting title, Lars Eighners quickly grabs the attention of the reader. There are many writings, but no one would ever to think of writing about dumpster diving. Every year worldwide the number of people homeless and living in poverty increases drastically. The meaning behind the title is that the whole story is derived around living out of a dumpster. By this, he is really telling readers that people don't have to have all of the fame, wealth, and material things in life to have a great time and be happy with that living situation. He saw that what other people disliked and rejected are the things that he uses to have fun because they are so unique and different from others.

Everyone knows what diving is because there are some people who does this in pools and everyone knows that a dumpster is used to hold any type of trash or waste that people don't want any more or just wants to throw away. When the two are connected, it basically shows how fun and exciting people it is to get the things that people least care about. Lars describes the life of being a homeless person and he says that the things we throw away, homeless people make good use of it, which means he is trying to say that if we throw away things as we see as useless, we will end up becoming the same way.

Eighners's "Dumpster Diving" has a few facts, but there are many things that are false. He suggests that everyone throws away some extra things that they don't want anymore. However, this is not true because everyone is not the same. He puts it as if people with wealth and security can become homeless too if they continue to do these such things. Lars is basically trying to say that the way to keep people from being homeless is by conserving and stop giving away things people don't see as if they need. This still is not reasonable, because homelessness and poverty can't be fully controlled.

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There are some people who are already born into poverty or either born into wealth. What a child gets is passed down from their parents and ancestors so there are very few that are fortunate. When a person is born into poverty then they will either stay in poverty or work hard to gain wealth, which is very rare. There are some homeless people who can't control why they are homeless, but there are some homeless people that are able to get up and work but they are just too lazy to do so. This is why Lars may have made a few good points, but saving something extra is not going to stop homelessness altogether.

Also, Lars did not even go across the full world dumpster diving so if there is one thing the small amount of dumpsters he dived in does not mean that the same will be in other dumpsters. If a homeless person was to dwell near a dumpster near high-end people and a great neighborhood then there might be some useful things in there, but not in a poor neighborhood.

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