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In the article “On Dumpster Diving”, Eighner states “After all, the finding of objects is becoming something of an urban art” (455). This shows Eighner is not embarrassed about this practice because it really is meaningful and helps him to survive. Although this art is view for so many people as disgusting, after reading this article and analyzing it, dumpster diving involve certain skills, knowledge and values that makes me think when using them, dumpster diving is a whole different thing than just a nasty practice.

I can recall the times I threw good food, supplies and even clothes that I thought were not useful or simply I did not like anymore, and regret it because it makes me feel like the type of college students Eighner mentions in his writing. “To live in the streets I must anticipate my needs to a certain extent: I must pick up and save warm bedding I find in August because it will not be found in Dumpsters in November” (406).

It is incredible how people like us with our hands full of privileges call some things garbage while for those that lack of them have to take advantage to sustain their lives in the present and the future. Now, I am certain that my trash will look different, or otherwise it will make me feel bad since I know someone else might want that piece of bread or need that pair of shoes. As I read over and over Eighner’s lines he looks wiser to me. He emphasizes the value of things and how anything becomes useful, or in other words sustainability “… things of interest turn up every day and some days are finds of great value. I personally think the main point of this writing is to open people’s eyes and see how we do not appreciate anything around us, and not only the material stuff but also our environment and community. We do not take care of our natural resources and waste them as if they were infinite, we do the same with our things, we stereotype people without thinking that every single person in different. And if all together put a little of interest and work toward our community, it would make sustainability easier.

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