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The individual, social, economic, legal or political factors

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The war in Bosnia and the mines planted in some parts of Bosnia might also have impact on Ado current circumstances. In Bosnia during the war some mines were planted by people when they were running away from the war. This makes people to go only in areas where the mines have been cleared and to keep away from area the areas where the mines are still planted. (wikitravel 2008) This factor might be influencing Ado to move because of the danger associated with The landmines planted in some parts and the war in Bosnia.

The wages given to Ado might also hinder his current circumstances. The wages might be too small to sustain his needs and the needs of his family, so by moving to Brisbane hotel in Australia he might get a better pay than what he is getting now. • Ado might be interested in fulfilling his dream of working for the Brisbane Hotels given that they are one of the biggest five star hotels in the world, so that dream might be a driving force for him to move to Brisbane hotels.

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The “political temperature” in Australia (where Brisbane hotel are located) might be conducive compared to the one of Bosnia, this might also drive Ado to move away from Bosnia, because where the “political temperature” is cool business do thrive, hence the income of Ado is likely to increase because Brisbane hotel is located where the “political temperature” is cool, there is that strong belief that they are paying well compared to where Ado was previously working at in Bosnia.

With war come insecurity, Ado might also be affected by the insecurity situation in Bosnia; this might make him to want to move away from Bosnia so that he can go to Brisbane hotels in Australia where the security is serene. Religion may also be a factor given that in Bosnia population Orthodox are 31%, Roman Catholic 15%, Protestant 4%, Muslim 44% while others are 6%, while in Australia over 70% are Christians, maybe Ado is a Christian and he doesn’t enjoying putting up in an area dominated by Muslims. 2.

Strategies to use to help save Ado. Ado will be helped in shipping his goods and other household items from Bosnia to Australia. I will enroll Ado for a cultural orientation program; this will benefit him because it will help him to make adjustment to the Australian culture. This will include habits of eating, eating joint, food eaten, understanding the local currency, his interaction with the other employees, among others. This will make Ado to familiarize himself with the culture and custom for the success of the Brisbane hotel.

I will help him get a good school for his children. Ado, his family and his entire house hold will be insured just like other employees of Brisbane hotel, labor laws for foreigners working in Australia will have to be adhered with. Ado together with his family will be entitled to a return ticket to Bosnia once every year. I will take him through an orientation within the Brisbane hotel until he is familiar with the hotel operations. will show Ado some joints where Bosnians do meet.

This will make him to be meeting his fellow Bosnians so as to make him not to fill home sick. I will take Ado for further induction training in management of hotels in Australia given that the way hotels in Bosnia operate might be slightly different from the way they operate Brisbane hotel in Australia. I will take Ado around the area so that he gets familiarizes him with the places around the hotel, this will make him not to get lost and probably he will fill at home while working for Brisbane hotel in Australia, which is far away from home.

Ado will be entitled to a one month paid leave. I will also encourage him to enroll in English language classes so that he can know how to speak in English. 3. Productivity will be increased in the following ways: Given that Ado now knows English he will be communicating efficiently with the other staff, because he will be able to lead his junior efficiently. Productivity will also be increased because Ado will come with some new idea from restaurants in Bosnia which might not be in Brisbane in Australia.

Productivity will be enhanced because the entire staff will be effective because of lack of communication barrier or cultural ignorance between Ado and the other people working for Brisbane Hotel. Productivity will also increase because Ado would have known Brisbane hotels environment well so he wont waste time looking up for places. Productivity will also increase because Ado will not be Home sick as such, because he will be meeting his fellow Bosnians in those places where I would have shown him. Lack of home sickness will make him concentrate fully at work.

This will increase his productivity at Brisbane hotel. Ado will have familiarized himself with the culture and customs of the communities in which the hotel is situated this will make him fill part and parcel of the community, hence psychologically he will have settled. This will make him work efficiently hence increasing the production. Given that Ado will be given a month paid leave, it will give him the morale to work efficiently this will result in increase in productivity of Braisen Hotel in Australia. Given that Ado his insured he will have courage to work in odd places in order to keep the production going on efficiently.


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The individual, social, economic, legal or political factors essay

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