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The Importance of Work in Society

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In order to maintain structure within society there are many intuitions that employed to achieve this goal. Work is an example of responsibly, discipline, and cultural awareness, qualities you will need for your future work life. First, how working teaches you responsibility, while working you have a set schedule that you have to maintain in order to be paid, so missing work means you have a lower paycheck and young teenagers love money and don’t want to miss any paychecks. You are in charge of making all customers leave satisfied with a smile, if you don’t make that happen the company can have bad reviews, which can cause you to be fired.

The more you the work the more you will have. Working also teaches you how to value things you have. The reason for this is that you work for the things you have saying you’re not going to work for something and let it go to waste or throw it away. Employers instruct their workers how to respect all costumers and how consumers are the reason, they are in business today, so tasks done to costumer’s satisfaction, with that being said employers drill into your head how to treat other people and how to run a successful business and that with hard work anything is possible.

When you first but something with your own money you care about what, and how your money is being spent, also trains you that if what you’re is not of something of value than you really don’t need to have it. We as a community needs to teach our younger children the value of responsibility and discipline which is qualities that you need to have in your everyday life. Schools are biased on teaching you what they want you to know and not what you feel about it. So do not be ignorant to what the schools edify about values of life, learn it own your own.

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The Importance of Work in Society

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