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The Importance of Nutritional Change in Miss E’s Food Intake

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The main change that has happened in Miss E's food intake is that she has started to move towards the food that is easier to swallow. Thus rather than eating fresh and cooked food, she is resorting to canned foods to make sure that she can swallow it more easily. The physical changes have not contributed that much towards her food intake; instead, it is her psychological behavior that has mostly changed her food drive (Downer et al. 2015).

Due to her poor health, she does not enjoy her meal anymore and is having a hard time eating her food. Her dental hygiene is fine; it is just her perception that everything is sticking to her throat that is creating problems for her while eating.

Nutritional Change in Food Intake

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It is pronounced if one looks at the dietary habits of Miss E that the change in the nutritional value of her food intake is one of the key reasons behind the nutritional status. Her diet is not balanced at all. She is not fixing the meal herself these days and instead, all she is relying on these days is milk and cereal. It seems that her body is not willing to accept justa change in the dietary habits (Downer et al. 2015).

Due to the change in her diet, her body is also going through many physical changes that are likely to be affecting her long term health. For instance, her weight gain is one of the issues that are likely to be turning into something serious. The problem is that rather than eating natural food, she is relying on canned food which is never going to be a good alternative for the home cooked meal.

At the same time, the calorie level of the processed food or the cereals is going to be on the higher side which at the moment seems to be one of the prime reasons behind her apparent weight gain. Again, she is not having a problem with her dental hygiene. Instead, it is her perception that food is "sticking to her throat" that is causing her problems all the time (Sacco et al. 2013).

Lack of Nutrients in Her Diet and Physical Health

It is essential for the individual to make sure that they have a balanced diet. If all the elements and the nutrients are not the part of the diet, then it the overall health of the individual is not going to well. In case of Miss E, it is very evident that her food does not have enough protein intakes which in the long run areaffecting her health. Compounded by her lack of physical activity and her increasing concern that she is not able to walk anymore shows that her body strength is not exceptional (Sacco et al. 2013).

The change in her nutritional intake, for instance, opting for food that is high in calories instead of going for rich carbohydrates is one of the prime reasons at the moment due to which her health is ailing at the moment. One of the prime reasons that her weight is increasing is the drastic change that she has brought in her dietary habits, instead, at the moment, the most significant issue that is faced by her is that how she would be able to take control of her weight.

It must be noted here that at this age, such weight gain is potential going to very harmful for her health. So one of the key concerns is her overall weight gain which might create further health complications (Sacco et al. 2013).

Dietary Practices and Nutrition Habits

Her dietary practices are quite problematic. That was not always the case; she used to cook her food rather well until it was soft. One problem though which was very evident from her early days is that her meat intake was quite low. Well, it is quite fine not to consume any meat, but that loss of protein has to be complemented with the help of additional protein one might be getting from other sources (Temple et al. 2017).

Later on, there was another change in her dietary habit that she started to rely entirely on the processed food such as cereal milk. That affected her physical health directly, and once before she used to walk easily from one place to the another, she has hard time to go to a market to purchase grocery and stuff like that.

The decline of her physical health can be signified that earlier one, she does not use to have many problems carrying a couple of shopping bags, but now she is having the hard time moving unique shopping terrible (Temple et al. 2017).


Looking at the overall lifestyle of Miss E, she does not need to bring drastic changes into her lifestyle and instead basics must be done correctly to make sure that her health can recover. The critical thing that has to be done over here is to make sure that she brings the certain degree of balance into her diet (Temple et al. 2017).

That can be done by making sure that she takes care of her oral health, and increases her protein intake. Effort must be made on her part to make sure that she opts for home cooked food again, or add pulses in her diet if she is not comfortable with meat consumption. The vitamin supplements can be used later on if she feels that her health has not recovered well enough from the earlier damage.


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