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The Golden Ages

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In about the 2nd century AD. Rome had its golden age. Also, around 500 to 300 BC was the Greek golden age. They both had many achievements during they’re golden ages, and many of them have affected us today. In Rome’s golden age they made concrete and roads. This helps us today because concrete is used in many different ways. Concrete makes up most of the building structure on this earth. Before even the use of concrete for roads, it was used to make simple things, such as pots to cook in, new types of housing etc. nce buildings came into affect, jobs then formed, business started, then grew and so on. They also constructed roads. Something as simple as a roadway opened up new civilization to the early Romans. Places they never could have known about, or gotten to by foot or horse and carriage. Concrete really had the biggest impact on our infrastructure. Concrete today is still in high demand, and is still a source of employment for many people.

In Greece’s golden age they made mathematics, and architecture. By them making math, it affects us today because without math, a lot of things wouldn’t be able to get done. For example bills being paid, buildings and cars being made, and even having some jobs. Mathematics started early by drawing a line each time the sun rose or set. Counting turning into simple math has changed the course of our world. Math in this era is totally different even than just 20 years ago when our parents were young.

Mathematicians can even calculate weather, due to the eventual discovery of physics, they have found that math is even at the basics and almost every level of medicine and how the physiology of the body works. Archetecture started back when they used natural beautiful material to construct buildings. We have moved on to use less expensive and less beautiful materials, but have changed our architectural design. Those are some of the achievements of the Roman and Greek golden ages. Romans made concrete and roads that helped us have buildings and to get places. The Greek’s came up with mathematics, and architecture.

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The Golden Ages

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