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The Daily Wine News E-Newsletter

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Press release and product reviews are ideal e-marketing strategies that discuss the products or services as concisely as possible, but for those who want to spread more information at a regular rate, a good option is to produce a newsletter. One example is that of Winebiz, one of finest online wine publications in the world. They e-mail e-newsletters to 5,000 opted-in subscribers on a daily basis, called the Daily Wine News (Winebiz 1).

The newsletter not only allows advertising opportunities to wine industries, but also provides various information to consumers, especially those who support this industry. E-newsletters are ideal for customer retention, as well as a marketing tool for marketing other sites (E-marketing strategies 11). The only disadvantage is they can be sometimes disregarded and considered as spam mail, therefore making less influence. As long as the newsletters continue to hand out valuable and timely information, they’ll be useful to the audiences.

Press releases, newsletters and product reviews found on online publications are recommended e-marketing strategies that briefly, but concisely, discuss the product. Even so, there are also strategies that only market the product at a glance, but are efficient as well. Two of these are banner advertising and display advertising. Latisse’s Banner Advertising: A Straightforward Approach To Consumer Identification Banner advertising is one, if not the most, straightforward approach that companies take when it comes to e-marketing.

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It is one of the first online marketing strategies, and works by taking the user to the advertiser’s own page (E-marketing strategies 4). In the online version of Allure magazine, a popular publication that caters to women, one type of banner advertising that can be viewed is Latisse’s, a product used to grow eyelashes, making them darker, longer and thicker. It is a prescription treatment, advisable for people who are experiencing eyelash hypotrichosis, or inadequate eyelashes (Latisse 1).

Banner advertising such as that of Latisse’s does not differ much from traditional marketing strategies, although it does has its positive and negative attributes. It allows the user to get access to the information quickly and effectively, even allowing them to view the product’s effects quickly, through the image included in the banner. The drawback, though, is banners can disappear or be changed every now and then. Banner ads that people find irrelevant are oftentimes ignored, meaning the advertiser spends much, but without sufficient gain (E-marketing strategies 7).

Perhaps, if its design is genuinely attractive, if positioned adequately, and if it gives enough interesting information, banner advertisements, such as Latisse’s, would be a very effective e-marketing tactic. Display Advertising by Plan B Just like Latisse’s, Plan B is also a consumer product that caters to the women and markets itself on a women’s online magazine. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill, reducing the chances of pregnancy, when taken within three days after unprotected sex (Plan B website 1).

While it does not have a banner ad, though, it sells itself through display advertising or online affiliate advertising. Instead of doing an actual feature for the product, Cosmopolitan publishes several summer tips that are presented by Plan B (Cosmopolitan website). The tips are fairly short and can be printed out. Display advertisement is effective, especially when the aim of the advertiser is to create product recall or curiosity. For Plan B, this type of e-marketing is seemingly not as efficient, even though the company chose a popular magazine.

One reason is, because the section where it is featured is not very relevant to the product itself. Another is, it does not use an attention-grabbing headline. If you use powerful headlines for display advertising, you can give people a reason to contact you and take action (Stephenson and Mintzer 290). The efficiency of e-marketing is only as good as the strategies and the medium used. These examples clearly show that in order for businesses to get the appropriate response and effect, they must consider these two factors carefully, before constructing a good e-marketing plan.

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