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The Copper

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Gavin cares about his Job. He sees the importance of the existence and enforcements of laws. Caring about a job and feeling important helps the employee perform better. He has also learned the techniques to distance himself from the Job and how to be efficient while on the clock (1. 71-80). Those cartel's makes a good employee Ana a good cop. By long so Gavin Decodes ten right person for the Job. B. Children all around the world is raised differently. With the different cultures that exist, will there automatically occur different viewpoints on how to raise children proper.

Some believe in non-violent negotiations and treating their children like young adults instead of kids. Others believe in the strength of corporal punishment and fear. I have never been laid a hand on by my parents. Together with their guidance I have figured out what I believe is right and wrong. I respect my parents, but not out of fear. My upraise and relationship with my parents would have been very different, if I had been raised with corporal punishment. I assume I would do what was expected of me, but without thinking for myself.

Ata certain age parents can no longer control their children by corporal punishment. The children will not have learned considering responsibility for others than themselves. They have not matured in the same way, as if they had been forced to think like adults from the beginning. Besides the level of maturity, do I don't believe in corporal punishment. I don't understand parents, who need to smack their children to teach them a lesson. Why not reason with their children instead and make them see what's right and wrong and avoid having a bad conscience (if you get such).

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In school I don't believe n corporal punishment either, but in treating the students with respects or like young adults, if their age is more advanced. The school systems have an important job besides educating the children. They also have to discipline them. They teach how to interact in a society and to follow rules and norms. In the school, as like the rest of the world, a child is not irreplaceable, like it is to the parents. This makes it possible to teach the children things, that wouldn't be possible inside the four walls at home. My way of thinking is classic Scandinavian.

In other countries were corporal enmeshment is common, would complete different arguments come up. They would argument that children needs the discipline to get most out of school and that they haven't yet age enough to be treated like adults. Until that point would they need a strict seed of rules. But in a fast moving society like today's, criteria are constantly changing. Children are forced to take initiative, to grow up fast and get a sense of what kind of person they want to become. An upraise with corporal punishment is becoming out aged, and will not sooner or later no longer be able to keep up with the time.

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