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The Causes and Effects of Cyber Bullying

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According to (2010), "Cyberbullying is the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass, threaten, or intimidate someone" Cyberbully has been an issue that been expanding quickly these recent years. There are more and more youngsters take part in these sort of unhealthy acts. Cyberbullying is caused by the kids' belief and victims result in become depressed and ruin reputations.

First of all, one of the causes of cyber bullying is the belief by other kids that the victims often deserve to be bullied. (Mishna, Khoury- Kassabri, Gadalla, & Daciuk, 2015, p.2) For instance, if a group of children are thought to be vicious to others, they may choose to bully another child to roll out their improvement or in reprisal to their meanness. That is why the kids' belief is the major cause of cyberbullying.

On the other hand, people who have been cyberbullied turnout to be depressed that they see no values in themselves and no chance to get out of their torment. (Pappas.S, 2015) There are uncountable reports over pass few years that adults or even children committing suicide since they were tormented on social media. Because of cyberbullying, individuals can lose their passion to love and trust, denying them the opportunity to get quality friendship and relationship in their life later on. They might think themselves wasn't good enough to get a partner and end up being completely alone. Furthermore, victims who are depress will develop an unhealthy habit, eating disorders. Victims either will not eating any food at all for the whole day or eating non-stop just to release their depression because they thought food is their best friend.

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In addition, cyberbullying can ruin reputation in a blink an eye. (Lewis.T., 2009) After a kid is being bullied on internet, he will be posting status or thoughts on social media. As a result, people concern about him and the nightmare begins. This will lead to building bad reputation of the victim. Many people will start to be curious and ask for details and it causes messages to spread rapidly, and reputation of the person are destroyed. For example, if a kid being cyberbullied because he took a lot of ugly 'selfie' and upload to social media, all of his friends will think he is really ugly yet no one likes him that why he's been bullied. As a result, everyone will keep away from him. This demonstrate that cyberbullying will demolish a person's reputations.

All in all, majority of the cyberbullying cases are cause by the kids' belief and it leads to ruining of reputation and building depression mood. In spite of the fact that internet and mobile phone make our lives simpler and play an essential role in our life, sadly that they have been harmed and annihilated by being used to abuse others. Cyberbullying is the bad side of new technology, and everyone has responsible to stop it. And been cyberbullied turnout to be depressed that they see no values.

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