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The Act of Manipulation Is to Control or Influence Someone

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The act of manipulation is to control or influence someone or a situation. Throughout all of history there are many examples of manipulation enacted by a person in higher position. George Orwell captures the act of government manipulation in his literary work Nineteen Eighty-Four. The predominant type of manipulation in Nineteen Eighty-Four is psychological. The government uses brainwashing, fear of thought, and fear of the party to control the psychological state of society. George Orwell demonstrated the technique of brainwashing demonstrated throughout the whole novel.

George Orwell introduces the reader to the idea of brainwashing when ‘Two Minutes of Hate,” a daily two-minute period is aired on large telescreens throughout the city and in every home. “Two Minutes of Hate” a strategy for brainwashing used by the party, presents the party’s greatest enemy. A terrible sound accompanies Goldstein’s image in order to trigger people’s feelings of frustration, and therefore sight of Goldstein becomes implanted in the brain associating the two senses with a negative concept, therefore allowing the government to control societies psychological feelings.

Another example of brainwashing is evident when the party forces Winston, the main character, to face his fear of rats. Rats are used to intensify Winston’s fear forcing him to a point of breaking his spirit of independence. Winston surrenders and lets go of all his personal emotion. George Orwell explains how the use of brainwashing by the government has allowed them to convince society that 2+2=5. Government can psychologically control society by brainwashing the people.

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The Act of Manipulation Is to Control or Influence Someone

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