Seeing Things from Someone Else’s Perspective

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In your everyday life, you are placed in situations that allow you to encounter the value of carefully considering someone else’s perspective. The reason why it is so eulogized to see someone else’s view is because it could alter how things would eventually turn out to be for you and that person(s). Peace, equality, and justice are some of the values you come across when you approach with empathy. Comprehending where someone is coming from and feelings they convey correlates with the outcome of peace.

In 1993, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine had temporarily halted with a solution called the Oslo peace process, which main point consisted that Israel gradually give up possession of Palestinian territories to the Palestinians with the exchange of peace. This represents the value of perspective, because the Palestinians had finally reached the conclusion that coming at the Israelis with violence and weaponry would not allow the Palestinians to ever gain what they really want, and it caused the Palestinians to comprehend what the Israelis were feeling; harassed.

They had learned that if peace were used as a substitution to attack, then the people of Israel would be sure to ably, which they transitorily did. Another value would be justice. When an attorney is defending their client, they tend to use the skill of switching to the defendant’s perspective when trying to prove to the jury that they are not guilty. For example, if someone was falsely accused of murder, the attorney could use empowering words and point things out like “Just think if you were in his/her place” or “How do you think you would’ve felt if you were him/her? to give the jury that connection that “Would you want to be proven guilty if you were to fall under a situation similar to this one? ” Using this technique shows how perspective comes in handy as well as how justice is served. Equality is a reiterating value that is discovered when considering someone else’s perspective. In Remember the Titans, a film about how an African American named Herman Boone who is newly appointed head high school football coach in the position of a successful white coach, Bill Yoast, during the time of segregation, there is a scene where Coach Yoasts’ daughter, Sheryl s over at the Boones’ house when an anonymous student from the school drives by and yells “Hey, Coach Boone! ” in a tormenting manner and throws something at their window near to where Sheryl had been sitting, shattering it to pieces. Later that night Yoast tells Coach Boone that he is not in any position to put his daughter’s safety on the line just because people don’t like him coaching the team, to which Boone replies “Well what about my girls’ safety?

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You just got a taste of what I deal with everyday, Yoast” leaving Coach Yoast thoughtful and silent. This also shows perspective because Coach Yoast had understood that the worry and the vexation, that had aroused from the danger of his daughter is a mental weight and distress that Boone has to deal with for his family all the time, all because of the color of his skin. By stepping into Boone’s shoes, Yoast had now truly known the importance of equity and fairness to Boone, and the rest of the African American society.

These are just a few ethics you can obtain from point-of-view. Agreement between even two nations can come about when using perspective. Authority can be placed with shifting someone’s point-of-view through sympathy. And adequation will make its way through when you are physically put forth into the same situation that someone who isn’t treated fairly is. All of these are real and pure values that form when your mindset is reversed, and truly leave you thinking.

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