Tesco and Marks&Spencer

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These types of stores are mainly found with petrol stations they mainly sell food and every day products, its main purpose is for customers that want to buy snacks at every day products. Its total square meter is 2,125,000. This type of store is opened from 0600 to 2300 from Monday to Sunday; these types of stores don't sell foods from different types of countries. Here are the following facilities that these types of stores offer : Cash machines ( this service is for customers that want to take cash out of the machines )

Disabled access( this service is for disabled customers that want to access the store Click Retailing Tesco. com was launched in 1999 which became the largest online grocery retailer in the world. Tesco is the second largest e-tailer after Amazon. Tesco. com sells all sorts of things from groceries to cloths and customer electronics. By Tesco having a online website where customers can purchase goods this allows Tesco to expand its business and also attracts a lot of customers which means more sales.

Also by Tesco selling products and groceries online they will be offering good customer service which means that customers can order from the comfort of the home. Internet sales Average sales As you can see from these two graphs in 2004 Tesco have sold 577 million pound online while in their stores they have sold 12,000 million pound one of the reason that Tesco did not make enough revenue on the net is that not many people know how to order online or they are not confidence on ordering online.

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As you can see from this graph there are more Tesco express stores being build then Tesco extra the reason being is that you normally find Tesco extra stores only near highways while now days every town centre and local neighbourhoods have Tesco express stores , the reason being is that Tesco express stores are small so they are able to be build on shopping centres and in towns while Tesco extra stores are very huge and require a lot of land so for this reason there are more Tesco express then Tesco extra Marks and Spencer Marks and Spencer was founded in the year 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds, West Yorkshire, its main headquarters is in London. Marks ; Spencer is one of the best-known British retailers. As well as being an upmarket food retailer. It is also one of the largest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom.

It employees 65,000 staffs across UK with over 600 retail shops across UK. It also retail shops across the globe.

Marks and Spencer's revenue is 9,062. 1 million (2009) with a net income of 506. 8 million (2009) Marks and Spencer has its largest store in Oxford Street which has around 16,000 square meters (170,000 sq ft) of shop floor. Just recently Marks and Spence has opened a new store in Westfield London which is 103,000 sq ft with the new store customers are able to buy the same products that M&S and some new products that are only for the new store . Read about Tesco Legal Structure

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