Telehealth Technology Essay

Any nurse who has spoken to a patient over the phone has practiced telehealth nursing. Telehealth is defined as “the usage of engineering to present wellness attention. wellness information or wellness instruction at a distance” ( “What Is Telehealth? . ” n. d. . parity. 1 ) . Although the usage of engineering alterations how nursing attention is delivered and may necessitate competences related to its usage to present nursing attention. the nursing procedure and range of pattern does non differ with telehealth nursing. Nurses engaged in telehealth nursing pattern continue to measure. program. intervene. and measure the results of nursing attention. but they do so utilizing engineering. In an environment of limited figure of nurses. engineering can assist run into the demand to supply nursing attention and increase the efficiency of those nurses. When a patient leaves the infirmary. the patient is responsible for his or her ain wellness attention at place. Telehealth services can do it more efficient to pull off on-going attention and better patient safety. Telehealth nursing is used when there is a demand to present nursing attention remotely and better efficiency and entree to healthcare.

Telehealth offers healthcare suppliers with an chance to function people who are in hapless wellness. live in distant countries and do non hold equal entree to wellness attention. One of the major benefits of telehealth is that it promotes safety in health care. Patients are being discharged from the infirmary earlier than of all time before. with legion medicines and frequently missing the cognition they need to care for their status adequately. Telehealth allows these patients to return place. which saves money. but allows them to be supported by a professional until they are good or are pull offing their status with assurance. Telehealth provides a safety cyberspace for patients who may be fighting with pull offing their status at place. forestalling complications that could ensue in being hospitalized once more. There is a demand for criterions and guidelines to back up telehealth nursing pattern and to cut down liability hazard for nurses.

Practice criterions and guidelines are evidence-based. and many people are involved in the development and distribution of nursing telehealth pattern criterions. Input signal from a broad array of experts is solicited in developing the criterions and guidelines. in order to guarantee equal consideration of technological. medical. nursing. legal. and ethical issues. ( Hutcherson. 2001 ) To guarantee safe and high quality telehealth nursing pattern. proficient demands for privateness and security of personal wellness informations should adhere to local and national Torahs regulating the storage and transmittal of personal wellness information. The hereafter of telehealth is assuring. but it may non work for turn toing the chronic attention load of every patient.

Telehealth is a agency of heightening an organization’s ability to supply quality attention in patients’ places and detain the demand for expensive infirmary admittances or traditional nursing place attention. Besides cost nest eggs and bridging healthcare entree barriers in rural countries. telehealth provides the chance to derive important medical penetrations by analysing uninterrupted wellness informations for a patient collected through distant monitoring. combined with other informations beginnings. Telehealth services extend the accomplishments and cognition that nurses use every twenty-four hours. It is besides one of the most promising and practical solutions. available non merely to turn to an inevitable nursing crisis. but besides to convey modern twenty-four hours healthcare to more people and salvage more lives.

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