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Technology is the use of scientific knowledge

Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to develop and produce goods and services useful to man.Technologists use the discoveries of science to produce tools, machines, and methods for industry, communications, transportations, medicine, warfare, and other human activities.In turn, this greatly affects jobs available for the unemployed as well as the job duties or job description intended for them.

A nation’s level of technology depends on the extent to which current scientific knowledge is put to practical use.

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The United States is considered a technologically advanced nation; its major industries used advanced production techniques such as automation, its health institutions used advanced treatments such as laser-beam surgery, and use of up-to-date scientific knowledge is made in most other everyday activities (Clarke, 2001).

A nation in which most production is carried on by handicraft methods, and communications and transportation are equally old-fashioned, is considered technologically backward, or underdeveloped. Just as some countries are more technologically advanced than others, so are some industries. The electronics and aerosphere industries, for example, are generally technologically advanced wherever they are established. Because of the great investment in money, plants and equipment, and skilled personnel required to operate them, these industries are found only in those countries that have a generally high level of technology. Agriculture, on the other hand, is a technologically backward industry in most parts of the world.

In line with this jobs are also progressing while man power is not that important as it was long ago, before all the advancements have been discovered. Before companies hire as many employees but not the same as of the present because some rely on robots or high technology computers or devices needed for a company’s survival and success. Some companies hire people but the sad truth is that sometimes their boss are the computers or other devices when in fact, human beings are smarter than any other equipments.


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