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Technology: A User Friendly for Students

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Technology has transformed the society leaving people with no choice but to conform to the constant innovations and learn to rely on what the technology has to offer. The advent of the twenty first century has gone to a lot of discoveries and innovations that require the people to increase the living standards in a society that is rapidly and constantly changing. Today, technology is even requiring a higher quality of education (Clark, Sanders, & Stammen, 1997).

Apparently, the existence of technology gives people countless benefits to make lives more convenient. Students nowadays have been fortunate for having an advanced technology to be used for education purposes. Even though the society blames technology for the way it molds the young generation through the gadgets and modes of communication that give them independence, the advantages that these young people acquire from technology are evident.

Technology helps the students to communicate well and immediately get and receive information they needed for their studies. Moreover, technology makes easy transactions of the students inside and outside the schools. On the other hand, the idea of bringing technology outside the classrooms can be frightening because students always tend to look only at the benefits and convenience that it gives to the users. However, this may also open another opportunity to the young generation in attaining the real picture of the technological world.

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Technology: A User Friendly for Students

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Technology does not always bring negative impacts because the students still benefit from the newly-innovated products in the society. The online libraries, internet messaging, and word processing are just few of the benefits that students learn and enjoy through the use of technology. Proper teaching of faculty about the right usage and limited exposure of students to technological gadgets can make technology user friendly and beneficial for the young adults. Apparently, the extent of beneficial relationship between technology and users does not depend on how many gadgets a student has and how much he or she knows using them but having enough knowledge about technology and how to use them in proper ways can serve as the measurement of how these gadgets become friendly to its users.


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