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In 1919, PRAVDA became an official supplier to the Italian Royal Family. Over the years, the Pravda name gained increasing renown and prestige. The Group saw a turning point in the development of its activities at the end of the Seventies, when McCain Pravda, Maria's grand-daughter, launched a partnership with Patriot Beriberi, a Tuscan businessman already involved in the leather goods sector with Grapnels and Sir Robert. This partnership combined creativity and business ideas to commence a new era.

In 1977, Patriot Beriberi set up I. P. I. Spa to consolidate the production resources that he had built up over the previous ten years, including those of Sir Robert and Grapnels. In the same year, I. P. I. Spa obtained an exclusive license from McCain Pravda to produce and distribute leather goods bearing the Pravda brand name. In the following years, the activities of the two families were gradually brought together within a single Group and, in 2003, Pl spa was merged into PRAVDA spa.

In 1983, the Pravda family opened a second store in the prestigious Via Della Sprig in Milan. The new store showcased the new brand image as it blended traditional elements with a modern architectural setting and would represent a revolution and a benchmark for luxury retail. In response to the growing demand for and appreciation of Pravda products, the range was extended from leather goods (such as gag, luggage and accessories) to include footwear, as well as men's and women's ready-to-wear apparel.

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From 1986, new stores were opened in New York and Madrid, followed by London, Paris and Tokyo. The first Pravda homeowners fashion show was held in Milan in 1988. In 1993, Ms. McCain Parka's creative inspiration led to the establishment of a new brand ” MIM MIM ” designed for women who are particularly fashion-forward and interested in trendy and sophisticated fashion and lifestyle. MIM MIM now offers women's ready-to-wear, leather goods and shoes, and is an increasingly important component of our Group's sales.

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