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SWOT and Pestel Analysis of TV Industry in UK

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Previously BBC has had the honor of being and holding he number one spot. Although they still hold the number one spot, TV has become and is remaining the most dominant channel at peak time hours taking a 31. 6% share of the audience compared to BBC at 27. 7%. DAVIT peak time line up is overcoming BBC schedule on 2 out every 3 evenings so far this year (67% of evenings). Moreover DAVIT has formed a bigger audience in peak time hours than all its commercial rivals can muster between them. DAVIT 31. 6% share equals to an average audience of 6. Million viewers compared to the other 6. 4 million commercial share audience average. However, some commercial rivals such as Channel 4 has managed to break 5 million viewer barrier on certain programmers sharing success in their side along 'TV. On the other hand, BOSKY is gathering percentage increases in audiences rapidly especially with its large amount of variety of channels to suit all needs. However BOSKY in the past have face acts from the office of fair trading, which has been lobbied by rival broadcasters to probe abuses" by BOSKY under the competition act.

Although declined to reveal any specific area of concern in BOSKY trading practices. BOSKY kept to its promises and made in 1996 pay television open to rival broadcasters. TV tried to enter this market through on-digital. This investment was not a success and BOSKY were charge with overcharging for its premier channels making it difficult for rivals to make profit from broadcasting. TV on-digital dream went into administration. This has made BOSKY the leader in pay television and I-J Soot and pestle analysis oft industry in UK By mainsail broadcasters the U. K are suppliers to BOSKY.  Television sector is undergoing major change. Technological developments have led to a rapid increase in the channels available, and in the number of households able to receive them. Multi-channels penetration is likely to continue to grow as a result of the progress of the satellite and cable companies, the successful launch of free view and government announced its intention to close down analogue transmissions by the decade. This clearly shows development in technology is a necessity for all TV networks in the TV industry.

The merge between Granddad and Carlton has come at a time were investment in technology is been seen as a necessity. In 2003 TV is in the forecast to receive Just over half of all television advertising revenue, down from the 60% in 1999. Its audience share has fallen from 55% to of viewers of commercial television. This decline has been very beneficial to multi-channel broadcasters like BOSKY and rivals such as channel 5. Multi-channel penetration is likely to grow as a result of continuing progress of the satellite and cable companies.

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However, when taking in terms of technology BOSKY leads the market ahead of BBC and TV. BOSKY are developing and introducing technology at a extreme past. Features such as WAP (Wireless application Protocol) and WIN (Wireless mark up Language) have released new commodities to TV, by giving viewers a broad environment that enhances the viewers to experience TV in a wholly different way such as allowing them to engage interactively while watching T. V (2. 4) Entertainment on TV today is undergoing a dramatic change.

Audiences today vary from many ethnic backgrounds and possessing a large variety of new hobbies. To suit all the needs for potential audiences is challenging. This is the direction the TV industry seems to be heading towards. Providing viewers with a vast amount of variety through many channels. BBC aims of increasing viewers are to connect with all audiences. One way BBC is going about in achieving this, is by bringing younger audiences to BBC services by adopting bold and innovative programmers and ensuring that it is meeting with the needs of the audiences of all nations and regions in the I-J.

SWOT and Pestel Analysis of TV Industry in UK essay

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