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Swot analysis matrix

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1. The entity did not establish a formal vision-mission statement. The only establishment that provides calibration service with merchandising calibration equipment.

2. Offers free service on any dissatisfaction feedback (if any).

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3. Finish the Job on time.

4. Workers are equipped with skills to lessen calibrating time.

5. Good relationship with its supplier.

6. Good relationship with their customer.

7. Caters and accept on-call services

8. Offers free advice to customers.

Many customers and most of the time they could cater only a few portion of those emend.

1. The business has two workers only.

3. The location of the shop is small.

4. The business has difficulty in giving services to new Cars (advance technology).

5. The business is incapable of handling huge number of customer.

6. Workers did not undergo proper seminar and trainings.

7. The place is unsanitary.

Growing number of customer inside/outside Catboat City.

2. Satisfied customers become potential middlemen.

3. Existing advertising techniques

4. Introduction of new technology.

5. Growing number of vehicle users.


1. Remain the good relationship with suppliers and customers to satisfy the needs of possible customers that can be middlemen.

2. Present new offerings to soot analysis matrix By reorganizes

3. Satisfy customers by providing adequate and worthwhile calibration services. (SSL ,02)

4. Continue to fasten calibrating time and avoid failures so that customers would be satisfied.


1 . Increase manpower to cater a greater number of potential customers. (WI ,WWW,WWW,01)

2. Maximize location and build additional branches outside Catboat City. (WWW,01)

3. Empower workers with higher level skills in calibrating new cars. (WWW,04) 4. Improve flexibility in giving services to a huge number of demands. (WI ,05)


1. New entrants with advance technology calibration service.

2. Shifting of loyal customers to new entrants

3. New cars with engine that needs advanced skills in calibrating.

4. High inflation rate of energy, gasoline, crude oil, etc.

5. Increasing rate of rent and income tax. Read  Siemens SWOT Analysis


1. Boost the services provided by the business to have a competitive stand against new entrants. (SSL , TTL ,TO)

2. Strengthen the relationship with customers to avoid them to patronize the services offered by the new entrants. (SO,TO)

3. Conduct trainings and seminars to support workers in order to be more skillful in calibrating engines that needs advance skills. (SO,TO)

4. Conserve energy consumption by finishing the job on time. (SO,TO)

1 . Additional skilled workers to provide a large portion of customer's demand. (WI ,WWW,TO)

2. Rent expense will increase due to expansion of location. (WWW,TO)

3. Avail advanced machines and upgrade the skills of workers in calibrating to compete with new entrants. (WWW,TO ,TO)

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