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Sustainable architecture: Overview

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Worldwide scales are experiencing a rush of population growth, this growth to the ecological balance shown against the environment and the exploitation of natural resources have sued implement new methods of construction using new technologies. (Big & Green: Toward Sustainable Architecture in the 21 SST Century). Sustainable or sustainable architecture seeks to optimize natural resources and building systems that minimize the environmental impact of buildings and their inhabitants in the environment.

The high energy demand and low production force s to focus on new technologies, methods and ways to economize, reduce costs and expenses. Among these proposals is Sustainable Architecture Think of It from the social environment; It Is what makes complex human, economic, cultural and environmental relationships. Sustainable design and construction are a specific, concrete example, I practice that can contribute to the Implementation of the complex concept of sustainability. (Rosaries Camas, Sustainable Design and Construction: Inescapable Reality).

The author makes clear the close relationship between sustainability and the role that the user takes socially speaking. The architect built based on a sustainable paradigm, but ultimately individuals are those who dwell, live and interact within buildings. These are what define how they are responsible for the environment and nature. Home and building automation The technological evolution of deferent disciplines, have enabled an Interaction of the same that has led to the concept of Intelligent building or home automation.

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Sustainable architecture: Overview

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The combination of different disciplines to meet the new features and user requirements such as energy saving and automation thereof without affecting the way people live. Home and building automation: smart homes and buildings, Crisp¶bal Roomer Morale). Implementing these systems so that they have little impact on the social life of people but at the same time help improve the quality of them reducing the environmental impact by leveraging regulations energy consumption renewable energy.

Dimension Policy, Social, Economic. POLICY Reconfiguration of the city. A sustainable city Is defined as a city where there Is adequate mobility, energy conservation and water resources, reduced noise pollution, and creation of public life. Sustainable architecture has an impact on the political dimension by the limitation that is given to new technologies as the predominant practice of governments and institutions is self enrichment, and economically not suit them.

ECONOMIC Prefer local materials to promote the development of local industry and promote endogenous economy seeking to strengthen the internal capacity of a region or local community, to strengthen the society and economy from the inside out, to make it sustainable and sustainable SOCIAL The commitment that people have to the environmental impact. This implies the fact of how they will interact with the "sustainable" space and how effective it will be.

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