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Informative Essay on Sustainable Architecture

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Sustainable Architecture The following paragraph is a discussion of sustainability as an architectural concept. The main issue is to illuminate the different aspects of sustainable architecture being more than just a calculation, and rather a tectonic solution with high architectural quality. This closely relates to context and human needs. In recent years, the attention given to sustainable and environmental design has only become more severe as a result of climate changes and rising energy prices. The entire change in architecture and design was initiated decades ago, fiercely debating the ustainability in building construction and city planning to the present day. Though instead of reaching a clear definition, the concept of sustainability has become mainstream and vague. In the genuine architectural practice, sustainability is the concept of saving resources in building developing and city planning, in terms of reducing the use of fossil fuels and other non-­? renewable energy sources. Instead the site-­? specific climate and topographic features are to benefit the built environment and architecture. (Pedersen 2009) This is what is immediately and commonly associated with ustainable architecture. Introducing the term Sustainable Development, the Brundtland Commission’s Report of 1987 assumes the same point of view but takes the considerations of sustainability a step further by stating ”sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own”. The report suggests a more general approach to the concept than merely environmental aspects, and thus imposes the economic and social aspects to meet the requirements of both present and future generations. The concept of architectural ustainability suggests a more holistic approach to what is genuine sustainable. Not only should the quantitative and physical requirements of i. e. daylight, fresh air, and indoor temperature be implemented; the qualitative and tectonic heritage of architecture should on equal terms be secured to make a durable solution. A solution that architecturally facilitates both experienced and technical aspects that are both considered human need. If not implementing the tectonic, what is the building if not just machine? The environmental aspect has the ability to apply different scales, whether it is he environment of the local community or the global. Due to various use of the term, sustainability has commonly been anticipated as being the same as the notion of environmental design. The general take on the subject is that it is closely concerned with the climatic and modern technologies trying to optimize the energy consumption and emissions of the built. The latest technologies seek to bring pure functionality to the architecture through dynamic facades to either intercept or protect from direct solar radiation. The exploitation of passive solutions, such as solar shading, thermal mass and oncepts of natural ventilation is the means of providing technical durability in the built on both a local and global scale. In addition to this, the use of materials has a central role. Whether it is the specific terms of production, the durability or the life p, the use of materials has to meet the requirements of the present as well as the future. For instance, the use of local materials can provide labour to the direct local community, which suggests a link between the environmental and economic aspect. Without an understanding of social sustainability in architecture, buildings, no matter ow environmentally efficient, are not genuinely sustainable. The social aspect is anchored primarily in the larger scale like development of cities and neighbourhoods. Architecture has an opportunity to enhance social sustainability by providing built opportunities for connectivity and balance; connectivity between the individuals within the built and between the surrounding community and the occupants. Balance is an aspect mainly focusing on the relation between the individual and collective to prevent a social gap in terms of i. e. ethnicity, income and difference of age. While this embraces diverse and dynamic environment, the general concern of social architecture, and especially in dwellings, is to provide a place for safety and privacy as a part of the local identity. As mentioned, there are some basic architectural needs tied to the idea of dwellings. The dwelling as an archetype is also a product of human needs, and can be defined as having the elementary function of providing shelter. The relationship between inside and out is defined through the basic use of floor, wall and roof to create a place to be; thus creating an inside in the midst of an outside. Exploring the erminology, the German philosopher argues, that to dwell already relates to the notions of preserving, saving and the concern for land. (Sharr 2007; 45) This implies more poetic considerations of the architectural space and its significance to the human being. Consequently, sustainable architecture must conceptually be defined as consisting of not only environmental concern and exploitation of modern technologies but also the immeasurable qualities of poetics in architectural space. The concept of sustainability must assume the holistic approach, in which the human being finds comfort and empathy.

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