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Strategic Analysis And Choice

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Business Policy & Strategy Projects Guidelines Assignment #1 This is the first project based assignment. The students are required to identify an organization on which they are supposed to complete all upcoming assignments and final report. The first assignment is focused on the Vision and Mission statements of the organization. The group is supposed to first analyze and then recommend the Vision and Mission statements based upon the characteristics discussed in text. Assignment #2 Report on Industry Analysis

This assignment would encompass the following components: a. Introduction and History of the allocated industry. b. PEST Analysis and conclusion on industry attractiveness. c. Industry scanning using the Porter’s five force model and conclude on prevailing competition level. d. Make a list of opportunities and threats present in the industry emerging out of PEST Analysis and Porter’s Five Force Model in relation to allocated company. e. Make EFE Matrix of the company and interpret its result. f. Identify and make a list of CSF’s of the industry . Identify company’s major competitors and make CPM Assignment # 3 Report on Company Analysis On the allocated company from within the respective industry, each group is required to develop: a. Perform Strategic internal audit of the company of the following departments as per the guidelines given in the prescribed text book i. Marketing ii. Finance iii. R&D iv. Accounting v. MIS vi. HR b. Complete internal audit and make list of key Strengths and Weaknesses of the company. c. Make IFE Matrix of the company and interpret its result. . Make SWOT analysis of the company and interpret its overall findings. Assignment # 4 A-Long Term Objectives In light of vision and Mission statement and SWOT analysis develop:- i. Long Term Financial Strategic Objectives of the company ii. Long Term Non-Financial Strategic Objectives of the company a B-Strategic Analysis and Choice I. Inputs stage This stage involves development of EFE matrix, CPM and IFE Matrix that has already been covered in assignment 1 to 3. (Just include findings) II. Matching Stage

In this stage it is required to develop at least three out of the five matrices discussed below: i. SWOT matrix so as to develop four strategic scenarios (SO, ST. WO. WT) ii. SPACE Matrix for determining the organization’s overall strategic position. iii. BCG (If required) so as to determine the relative contribution of different divisions in terms of market share and industry growth. iv. IE Matrix using IFE and EFE scores ( done previously) v. Grand Strategy Matrix for formulating alternative strategy

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Set of feasible strategies emerging out of matching tools which company can consider for decision stage ? FINAL PROJECT REPORT &PRESENTATION B-Strategic Analysis and Choice III. Decision Stage i. Compare all strategies included in sets of feasible strategies using QSPM of the allocated company. ii. Use excel spreadsheet for developing QSPM in order to evaluate the best alternative strategies set. This would require using the results from the input and the matching stage. Identify most attractive Strategies

Using QSPM scores identify the most attractive strategies set to be followed by the company under the prevailing circumstances. Strategy Implementation i. Arrange the most attractive strategies sets in order of their priority in implementation to achieve company’s strategic goals ii. Specify the action plan that you are going to work on for implementation purpose for each strategy. iii. In order to implement any strategy you need to develop its annual objectives, policies and focus on the resources and other management issues that you may require your attention

Evaluation and Control i. Specify the steps and measures to be taken for checking the effectiveness of the each strategy set after they are implemented. ii. Specify corrective actions to be taken in case of positive or negative variances for each strategy set. Conclusion i. Write a short note (1/2 Page) on how do you see the future of this company in next 5 years down the road specially with reference to your overall analysis and Strategy set that you have recommended. ii. Write down what Lessons you have learned from this project. Special Note:

If required students can easily transfer these assignments and project into final MBA project by adding more articles, updated industry and company data, and surveys about the strategies being pursued by the company. You can round up your MBA project by making a complete strategic business plan of the company for the next 3 years in light of your recommended strategies Reports format and presentation instructions IMPORTANT NOTE : ALL REPORTS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED ON DESIGNATED DAY AND TIME WHICH WILL BE ANNOUNCED BY THE INSTRUCTOR –THERE IS NO CONCEPT OF LATE SUBMISSION

Students are advised to strictly follow these instructions while compiling their assignment or final project reports, or making presentations (any deviation will result in deduction of marks): •Reports should be laser printed on A4 size (white) paper. •New Times Roman with font size 12 for the main body, Font size 14 bold for the sub heading, Font size16 bold for the main headings. Line spacing 1. 5 lines. Left justified •The title page of the report must contain: 1. Name and Logo of UCP 2. Title of the course and Section 3. Name of Industry 4. Company Name 5.

Group members names and registration numbers 6. Name of the instructor 7. Date and Time of submission •Due references must be made where required in form of bibliography in APA style. ( Check the details of APA style of referencing on net) •Plagiarism would lead to negative marking or cancellation of the project. •Check spelling and grammar using MS Word spell check. •Presentation time would be 20 minutes followed by Q/A session in which each group member must participate. It should be on PPT slides. •Presentation should entail a brief summary of the industry and allocated assignments.

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