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Stranded activity

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Would there be any laws to control how you lived, what right or freedoms you exercised, or what property you had? Why? There would have to be certain moral laws as to how to live on the Island. The majority of laws should still pertain despite the situation. No murder or stealing should definitely still apply. Freedoms and Rights should be very close to the U. S. Government as far as the freedom of speech, and religion. As far as property and the rights to own the property, there should be an agreement as to which property each errors owns and that what was built or created by that person is their property.

These would be good laws to control how citizens live in a realistic way which would help arguments and discrimination in these areas. Realistically these laws would be broken though. Despite the fact that the majority of people do want to be civil and have an agreement on how to overcome and avoid issues, without an actual government it would be chaos. Government provides rules and breaking them results in consequences, with no rules or consequences to actions, It makes it seem okay. It Is Important to establish laws and consequences of breaking them. ) Considering the key terms from this unit, what type or form of government would be best suited for your situation? Why? In this situation of being stranded, a Direct Democracy would be the best government in order for citizens to collectively vote and agree on problems. There still needs to be a government to keep everything together so an anarchy would not be a good idea. An Autocracy would be a bad idea as well because with one person governing there would be no regard to others opinions.

With a Direct Democracy everyone has the ability to state their opinion without It being unfair or unreasonable because they all voted. 3) Would anyone have the right to govern you? Would you have the right to govern anyone else? Why? I believe if it was a mutual group decision on the issue then the group as a whole has the right to govern that person. I don't believe one person should be able to govern because that is Just one person's opinion and it is a biased decision.

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In the direct democracy that I believe the citizens on the stranded island should have, it would be more reasonable to have the group govern. In order to have a working and stable environment governing others is necessary but with fairness. 4) Would you have any rights? What might these rights be? Yes, I would have rights because everyone deserves to have them. Rights such as the right to build a home, rights to hunt and gather food as well as rights to vote for how 5)What might people who were stronger or smarter than others try to do? Why?

The stronger or smarter people might try to create a dictatorship in order to have intro over others and to govern them for their own personal reasons. They might also try to effect the idea that everyone is equal and some citizens may be treated poorly and have their rights taken away. Rights such as owning property, and voting may be taken away. 6) What might the weaker or less worldly or wise try to do? Why? The weaker and less worldly would most likely give in to the opinions of others. In a direct democracy they might let others influence their votes in order to try to keep the peace.

This is a good reason why it should not be a one man Job to govern, because the weaker may have trouble stating their own opinions. 7) What might life be like for everyone? Life for everyone no matter how their government is run would be hard. Not everyone is going to be happy with the decisions that the government will come to and that will always create conflict among the citizens. Learning how to fend on the island while still following the laws and morals would be difficult and in the situation many not obey these rules.

Stranded activity essay

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