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Rusk's Tasting Subject: Proposal to write a research paper on the impact of business communication problems of the employer's and the employees of Square Pharmacy along with a unique vision, higher mission and a goal orientation of that company Introduction The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is the most developed technical regions within our financial system. This industry manufactures almost firebrands of medicines and they follow different forms for different medicines. This sector is providing 97% of the total medicine requisite of the local market.

With the aim to expand into the export market, leading pharmaceutical companies are escalating their business. Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, the flagship company of Square Group, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since 1985 and is now on its way to becoming a high performance global player. It is a trusted name in the industry of manufacturing quality medicines for more than four decade. SQUARE today symbolizes a name - a state of mind. It has today burgeoned into one of the top line conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Certain reports suggests that Square is the FIRST to manufacture and market Modernization, Inclining and Catecholamine after the expiry of patents to export antibiotics and other ethical drugs overseas. O develop sustained release technology locally. To achieve an all-time industry high record sales turnover of US$ 25 million. To locally Decisional sodium in the chemical division. In addition to these Firsts, SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited (SSP) was always ahead in introducing new products in the market.

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Their sales turnover was more than Take 1 1. 46 Billion (IIS$ 163. 71 million) with about 16. 43% market share (April 2009- March 2010) having a growth rate of about 16. 72%. The major problem they are facing is communication problem between employees and employers within Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This problem has aroused because of not maintaining a formal relationship between the employer and the employees. A well-managed business organization normally considers the employees as the vital foundation of efficiency gains.

As it is a large organization so most of the times it has been seen that the top level employer gives orders to the lower level employees but they do not do their work and as they maintain a friendly relationship those top level managers cannot take adequate steps against them. Maintaining a friendly relationship within an organization is not a bad thing but sometimes the top level employers should behave in a formal way in order to make the employees work alongside the rules and obligations of the company's respected managers and employers.

If this problem can be solved then they will give their best performance to enhance the organization. So basically we want to specialize in the communication problems regarding the employers and employees internally. Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit. Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the direct result of people failing to communicate. Therefore, we want to figure out the main problem in maintaining the formal relationship of this company's employers and employees within the organization.

We want to do an in-depth analysis in order to figure out the communication problems and to find out their rational solutions. Every organization has a unique vision, a higher mission and a goal oriented with that company. We want to know the vision, mission and goals of this pharmaceutical. 2 Research Questions Does Square Pharmaceuticals have a business communication problem? If yes, then what type of business communication problems do they have? What are the reasons behind these communication problems? What are the impacts on that organization because of those communication problems?

How can these problems be solved? What are the actions they are taking in order to solve those problems? Is there any possibility to ever solve those communication problems? If the problem be solved, what types of benefit will the organization get? Hypothesis The following hypotheses are developed for the study:HA : Technological changes may dad to communication problems. H2O: SAP software maybe more difficult to use than unfriendly to technological changes leading to communication problems. HA: The grapevine may break the hierarchy of information flow.

HA: There maybe communication problems regarding changes in compensation and benefited structure. HA: There maybe communication problems regarding performance appraisal strategies. HA: Cultural differences may also cause difficulties in non-verbal communications, causing mixed messages. HA: Leaked confidential information creates a liability issue and may causes communication problem. HA: Communication problems may occurs due to employees who fail to listen or who don't know how to actively listen to their colleagues.

HI O: Negative and indifference attitudes amongst the employers and employees creates communication problems. 3 Research Methodology For our primary data we will survey on the employer and the employees of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Through a questionnaire to find out their perception regarding this business communication problem and how it can be solved. Also we will interview one of the employers of that organization to know his/her opinion about hose problems and what actions should be taken in order to solve these matters.

The secondary data of this report are collected from Square Pharmaceuticals and some other reports such as some well reputed newspapers articles; Daily Star, Dacha Tribune, then Journals and through browsing the internet. Organization Our research paper will follow the general format of a research paper with the main sections such as Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Limitations, Data Analysis, Findings/Results of the research, Discussion and Conclusion, References.

Hence, the organization of this paper will be directed by the research questions which would be answered in the above mentioned main sections. Timetable We intend to follow the subsequent time schedule presented in the class in order to accomplish our research paper timely: June 24 : Final draft of the research proposal August 12: Submission of the research paper Request for Approval the valuable suggestions and instructions from you that will lead us towards our research about the silent killer: business communication problems of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 4

Square proposal essay

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