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Sports Event in School

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Sport events in our school Sports are very important in everyone’s life as they give pleasure, health, discipline, happiness, self-control and sporting spirit. Sports can learn students’ physical co-ordination and social lessons about winning and losing.

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Sports Event in School

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. It is full of wisdom. After the day’s work in class, students need some healthy recreation to refresh their minds. Education without sports is really incomplete. So, sports are important in every school for clever and healthy students.

They are several kinds of sports some are outdoor and some are indoor. In our school, the schoolboys play football, volleyball, basketball, table -tennis, chess, and so on. The school playground is no less important than the school lessons. It is on the playground that we learn to face defeat with a smiling face. So, the school playground helps the students to fight the battle of life like brave soldiers and heroes. Our school has two playgrounds to play football and two for playing basketball. There will be tournaments to play football in every Grade from Grade-4 to Grade-11.

There is an each team in every section and so if there are six sections in Grade-9, there will be six teams and a tournament is held until there are two teams to pay the final match. All schoolboys look active and alert with their team track-suit. There are also tournaments to play each sport. Teachers in charge will take care of their pupils in playground during tournament. They give them fresh limes and purified drinking water. The red-cross schoolboys and teachers are ready to help the injured players. The Headmaster will give the prize to the winners and the champion team who gets the first prize will take a group photograph.

In January, there are interschool sports competitions that include track and field sports such as running, jumping and throwing events. The running events are sprints, middle distance races, long distance races, hurdle and relay races. The jumping events are high jump and pole vault. The throwing events are short put, discus and javelin. Team sports can be played by two teams. A team has been organized with some players. They must have team-spirit and they fight the rival team collectively. Thus team sports make one less selfish. They know the value of team work and playing together makes them friendlier.

A player must have stamina and be patient. He must not easily down-hearted. If the players of one team become excited, they may lose their chance. The carelessness of one may make the team defeated. So, players are inspired team-spirit by playing team sports. A true sportsman never thinks of winning the sports by hook or by crook. He never wins victory by foul play and we know that “Honesty is the best policy”. So team sports are essential to health, happiness, progress and unity

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