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Speech About Premarital Pregnancy

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Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb Good day Ladies and Gentleman Pregnancy is a desire of every woman. Do you agree? Why is pregnancy important? Is family support also important? How’s the impact to economics life? Every family wants children in their life. It’s natural and a biological thing. Every pregnancy needs process. Knowledge about pregnancy is important to make us understand the process better. These days, there are so many cases about premarital pregnancy. In Indonesia, the number of this case is getting high in every year, especially for adolescent group. So today, I will tell you about what factors causing the premarital pregnancy.

What’s premarital pregnancy in bahasa? There are so many factors causing premarital pregnancy. Can you mention it one by one? What is your reason? Okay, I will tell you. We can see it from the social aspect, health aspect, and also from the technological aspect. The first is from social aspect. Social aspect includes social interaction with family, friends, and society. From those social interactions, interaction with family is the most important thing. From this interaction, morality of everyone is formed. Beside that, interaction social between friends and society are also very important.

If we can’t interact with people in a good way, it establishes a negative behavior. The second is health aspect. Everyone wants a healthy life. There are so many people who fall to premarital pregnancy due to lack of health, both physical and spiritual. Both of those things, affect to our psychological condition. If we can’t take care of our health, it’s not possible for our mental becomes weak. Deviant behavior then arises from this incident. Free sex, for example. The last is technological aspect. Tehcnology changes our lifestyles. Many people don’t care about their surroundings which caused by technology.

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Speech About Premarital Pregnancy

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In Indonesia itself, technological developments is moving too fast. But it doesn’t counterbalanced by the improved quality of human resources. The government should make a wisdom about this technological developments. If they don’t, morality of the nation will be damaged, which causes the deviant behavior. In conclusion, pregnancy requires a clear process. This one is very important to avoid ourself from the premarital pregnancy. Because of that, we need to do the social interaction in a good way with our family, friends and also society. Beside that, we should take care of our health, both physical and spiritual.

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