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Premarital Sex: Negative Effects On Teenagers’ Life

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After analysis, we disagreed teenagers involve in premarital sex. Premarital sex is sexual intercourse engaged by persons who are unmarried. Although many teenagers have strong thoughts that premarital sex will lead to a better lifestyle, in reality premarital sex has many negative effects on teenagers’ life. Teenager thinks that sex is such a great feeling. However, sometimes sex can lead to the worst feeling. Premarital sex had leaded to break ups and divorces in a relationship.

First of all, they will divorce is because they may feel guilty about having sex with other people in their past. Teenagers should not involve in premarital sex because virginity should to be given to the most important person in your life, the person committed yourself to stay forever in marriage. Once a girl gave her virginity, it will never come back. Every man wants his wife is virgin, therefore they should not involve in premarital sex to take other girls’ virginity. The second reason, premarital sex causes divorce is poor sex habits.

Poor sex habit may lead to a spoiled sex marriage, because it may not be as special to the person as it was when they first had sex. In other words, the sex is getting boring to that person. Besides that, sex can fool a person into getting married, because they may be vulnerable after having sex. Sometimes people may tell you that they love you, but they are just saying that to get into your pants. So after that being said people need to open up their eyes to see who really loves and cares for them, because others could care less.

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In additional, we disagreed teenager involve in premarital sex because it will cause an unwanted pregnancy. Carelessness in premarital sex is the significant factor in teen pregnancy, whether the carelessness is in contraceptive use, or choosing of a partner. In many cases, they still haven reach a maturity age to choose their life partner, and ended up facing an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe some teenagers wish to have a baby, but they do not have knowledge of the finances involved in child care.

Teenagers should not involve in premarital sex because it will cause emotional problem on their life. They will feel guilty when facing their parents and friends. They will regret involved in premarital sex before after they married. Teenagers who involved in premarital sex will lack of respect for them in society, either because of their unplanned children, or diseases. The other problem of unplanned pregnancy is teenager mother dropping out of school and this will not only ruin her future but her child’s future as well.

Premarital Sex: Negative Effects On Teenagers’ Life essay

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