Social Exclusion and Disability

Last Updated: 08 Apr 2020
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The convention to give right to disable ppl should be supported with capacity building on different levels in the government as well as the private sector. it is estimated that a large number of women in Pakistan are having various forms of disability. “In our society women are already considered weak and disability adds to their woes,women having disability in our country is considered as “double disability”. steps il be taken for anti discrimination of disabled ppl.. n swat A large group of disabled persons staged a protest in Mingora on Thursday over government’s alleged indifference towards ensuring their rights. govt promised to give faculties like job opportunity to disability card holder issued by the National Database and Registration Authority. However 2 years have passed but nothing was done. these disable ppl wanted to stand on thr own feet and earn there living but they werent provided wid job opportunites or equal right to receive education. ocational centres were demanded where they can learn some practical skills. they said that there are not being but askng govt of pakistan to strt a realistic programme,which enables us to learn,work and earn. Some people from the government agree that government is not successful in providing the disable people with their rights. They agree that people have equal right as they are also part of the society,they agree that disable people are not considered prefect for the society ,if given chance they will prove capable to be fit in society.

Special Persons Development Association president Mr Daudzai said his organisation would continue fighting for the rights of the disabled persons. He said physically challenged persons were contributing their due share to national development and progress by serving in many private and public sector institutions. also stated that, disable are not given facilities as given by other countries. UN adopted “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2006” to make legal framework for providing PWDs equal opportunities in every sphere of life.

Pakistan being signatory to this convention had taken a number of steps to facilitate such persons. “Disabled Persons' (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance fixed the responsibility of the State toward the prevention of disabilities; protection of of persons with disabilities; and provision of medical care, education, training, employment, and rehabilitation to the persons with disabilities. rights

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