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Being equipped with the relevant skills in management, I will be able to exploit the opportunities in the corporate world like venturing in international business enterprise. This strategy off course has to go hand in hand with my objective of reducing corruption if not totally eradicating the vice. This is a critical step towards realizing a corruption free trade.

In order to increase the company’ revenue, I will be in a better position than before to negotiate purchasing contracts and executing other duties of insurance and ensuring compliance with accounts receivable policies. Globalization is on the increases and our firm will however not been an exception to the effects of the global economic changes and crises. Changes in the global economy such as the economic downturn and lack of expansion strategy have limited the growth and expansion of the business (Calladine 2008).

Doing a master degree in business administration will enable me to come up with creative and innovative expansion plan that comprises the economic policies effective in the changing global economy as well as being able to establish and continually improve goals for the company according to the strategic plan. As my personality test revealed that am an ISTJ, characterized by traits like trustworthiness, dependability, and civil responsibility I intend to blend this traits with my skills in book keeping, administration, analytical thinking, decision making and organizational skills to widen future opportunities.

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Being responsible and honest I will be able to exercise the highest level of confidentiality when dealing with financial documents and people information in any position I may hold in future like being an accountant or business manager. Team Builder and Leader Working as a team leader is not an easy job and has indulged me in some serious situations of conflict and disagreements. Playing the leadership involves taking stands that are very crucial to the well being of the organization as well as calming down the situation that may bring conflict.

Having had an experience with clients as a leader, receiving payments and making other daily processes of financial transactions and maintaining efficient and organized operations, I have gained enough experience and the necessary skills of leadership as in problem solving and decision making. I have also managed to negotiate clean and successful deals that have resulted in all parties shaking hands as a sign of saying “it’s been good doing business with you”. This is a win – win situation where everybody is satisfied and no one looses.

Such dealings bring about good business relationship and eventually result in mutual trust and the reputation of the company is improved. Through such leadership skills, I have managed to secure long term contracts on behalf of the company that resulted in increased revenues while at the same time maintaining a lower operational risk. Other relationships have included dealing with establishment of preferred vendor relationship, streamlined tracking and scheduling procedures and implementing a maintenance log, all these measure lead to the decrease in overall fleet costs (Calladine 2008).

Conclusion MBA program is a very important course to me because it will put me in a better position to work in the corporate world as I have the correct skills, knowledge and abilities. With the required credentials I will also combine them with personal attributes like honesty, accountability, loyalty, respectful and flexible to give the best performance.


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