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A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Management Skills of Chinese

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Its also can affect the quality of operational effectiveness and organizations efficiency. The medium to be tested is on simplicity design and manufacturing, layout, processes and procedures where the technique to be use is studied, analyses, enhanced and practice effectively. Method of research used is Validating Test on Exploratory Investigation, Means Process Analysis on the empirical analysis and comparative analysis which is the multiple regression equations.

The matters that need to be studied is on the management structure mainly such as different level of management, different industrial and demographic factors. Methodology Author received 2,436 usable and valid surveys via Face to face and online medium where China completed 635/1000, Iran is 575, Thailand is 637, US is 348 and Pakistan is 241 only. Culture and Management Skills Research The issues rise when there is limitation on the research until the To What Extent & What Ways Culture influences Individual or Groups Phenomenon in Organizations.

The segments that will be examined is on Workforce diversity, Business Activities on National Borders, Telecommunication availability, and Global Competition. The different cultural values are cited to be in Patterned ways such as Thinking, Feeling, Reacting, Acquired & Transmit through Symbols which consist of Traditional Ideas & Their own cultural attached values or some is still on Holistic and Integrations perspectives. Hypothesis 1) China culture has deep impact on people in all aspect of management and should be studied more in-depth by management scholars and practitioners alike. ) Iran has come out from their cocoon despite of their destruction before years as he woman has more independent attitude and support Iran's Economic industry. 3) Pakistan itself applied the Hypotheses studies very strictly with collectivist society, low masculinity, high relationship oriented, high power distance culture, high uncertainty avoidance behavior and short term orientation with cultural colonization. 4) Thailand is highly centralized society with clear delineations of status and authority. Common thread for This is the religious belief in cross cultural. ) United State point of view has a sense of purpose and directions/ purpose driven where their look reality in the eye and face the fact at the proportion f time. Findings/Results The results shows that in China the younger managers demonstrated higher technical skills than older respondents because older workers tend to be in professional or managerial positions as a result of promotions which the higher levels education are positively with conceptual skills. The males and females in China who is in higher positions are to benefit from differences of perspectives and in the paradigms ; management experience.

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It also mentioned that the more experience person it is usually means better relations with employees or customers amp; better decision-making ability due to higher conceptual skills. It also cited that the managers who earned a doctorate would have higher technical skill than those with only a high school (that shows Lower ability to learn complex things) or undergraduate degree. But Chinese managers who earned a doctoral degree have a lower level of technical skill (which shows few opportunities to improve) than those with a master's degree.

Technical skill will increase as management experience (solving complex departmental and interpersonal problems) improves. Education and management experience positive influence on human relations skill. Then Managers who has less than six years of management experiences have relatively lower conceptual skill. This may be because they are young and lack opportunity to improve their cause-and-effect decision-making capacity. Not well educated, not trained in interpersonal skills or lacking sufficient management experience, they may have inferior human skills commonly in China mainly.

The Iranian manager who is between ages of 31 and 40 indicates that their technical skills are highest at this stage of their careers, which is important for promotional opportunities. Managers no nave masters degree will generally Nell a manager acquire ten inlets technical skill, which is consistent with Chinese respondents. The positive effect of management experience on technical skill is obvious that each level of experience had a significantly positive influence on it.

In terms of gender, Iranian males' human skill is significantly lower than that of females but males' conceptual skill is higher than females in this study. Finally, age is a factor as younger Iranian managers (high school diploma) have lower conceptual skills. Younger managers in Pakistan have higher technical skill than their older colleagues. In 6-10 years of management experience have highest human skills (four-year college degree) & conceptual skills(age 26>) Regression analysis confirms that the Thai, male manager's conceptual skill is higher than that of females.

This is perhaps because males have been expected to take a leading role as a head of the household and in the workplace (self-fulfilling prophecy that leads to males taking the initiative in decision making which eventually leads to results and experience). American managers would have higher technical skill ; Conceptual skills if age 41 ;, ; Stay abreast of he changes in their industry to remain productive and employed. American males' & manager that newly appointee's human relations skill is significantly lower (conceptual skill is higher)than that of females ; errs; experiences.

With doctoral degrees have the highest human skill, education correlates positively with conceptual skills. Conclusions Management skills are an important element of academic research and practical training for professional employees and managers alike. Natural aging process not improving unless supported by relevant education, training, or management experience (; years = higher conceptual skills). Structure of management skills at different levels are based on age, gender, experience, culture, and education.

Education and management experience enhance Manager's Technical skills. Future researchers can increase the number of countries and sample populations, increase the sample size and use multiple questionnaires to further our understanding of similarities and differences in the management skills structures based on cultural or geographical differences. The Limitation of this research is the Results and implications are limited to the actual respondents which simple and short survey. Prepared by Quite Bin Aryan

A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Management Skills of Chinese essay

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