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Should the Animal Be Used for Scientific Research

To what extent is the use of animals in scientific research acceptable? Nowadays, using animals in scientific researches becomes more and more popular.There are different opinions, for and against, relating this controversial issue.Some people agree with this method, others try to save animals’ lives.

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This essay tries to give some arguments to prove that we can not avoid this method in scientific researches. Let us take the medicine as an example. When doctors learn about a new kind of viruses, they usually make tests to find out how virus affects on animals; Mice are used in most of cases.

Doctors then have different experiments to cure animals. The final result is new kind of medicines, which can be used to save human life when they affect this virus. An other case is when scientists have jobs in some strange, or dangerous areas, for example in the depth of oceans, in the extreme cold weather, or some areas affected by diseases. Animals can be the pioneer, and they help scientists to save their valuable lives to continue their discoveries.We can not ignore opinions about humankind. Some people try argue against the death of animals in scientific experiments. It is true that we also pay our tears when seeing animals killed.

But there is a question: Who will play roles in these unsafe experiments ? It is clear that the job must be done. Nothing is absolute. If we want to save life for ourselves, we must agree with the fact that animals continue to be used in scientific reseaches. Some things must be lost in experiments.

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