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Scientific Method Research

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This hypothesis will require research proving or disproving the question of mental illness causing a person's chance of becoming homeless to increase. I will first locate an area with a high volume of homeless individuals, as this research will include all genders and races. The participants of this study will include individuals who has suffered from any type of mental illness or had to undergo any form of psychiatric treatment. The next step would be to collect actual information showing current homeless rates and if at all possible, records indicating mental illness.

I will also collect information from local homeless shelters and single-room housing programs in order to determine the availability of resources to the homeless. Food banks or kitchens will also be a great research aid, as these institutions provide free meals at no charge to these individuals, and lastly, make an attempt to gather information from a face to face conversation with people who are actually living on the streets. This method would probably be the most difficult, but if there is a hot meal involved, a survey, or form of questionnaire can be administered prior to receiving a meal with minimal force used to complete.

To maximize participation, incentives such as gift cards or even a free night stay at a local motel may suffice. After my critical data is collected, I will create individual files with information consisting of dates of contact, as well as all pertinent information collected via questionnaires or face to face interviews in order to form tables and spreadsheets, showing common traits shared amongst these homeless individuals, then generate a separate table showing personnel suffering from mental illness. It is at this point in which these findings will be compared and thoroughly analyzed.

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Scientific Method Research

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This information will be presented in charts or graphs to show certain similarities between all variables. Research findings should be accurate and valid, if not, a new hypothesis concerning the issue of homelessness will be generated and studied again. However, if findings are true, this information may become beneficial to local community activist who serve the homeless population, as well as the mentally ill, and may provide the mental health professionals a clearer understanding of the relationship between mental illness and homelessness.

This may lead to the question, how money who is mentally incapacitated can learn to sustain a healthy career and provide a living for themselves, or a family without medical attention. Ultimately, this information can be used to improve local programs within the community, or even inform congressmen to take better action responding more appropriately to the needs of the homeless population who are mentally ill. References Campaign for Mental Healthcare [http://www. Calypsos. Org/publications/access/homelessness. HTML] Corporation for Supportive Housing [http://www. Cash. Org/index. CFML? Obfuscation=page. Vicarage;paged

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