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Sexual Motivation Paper

Although some people might not realize it, culture has a large impact on the motivation for sex and the different cultures have different values for this motivation. In America things like television, music, and clothing have progressed so much in the sexual category. Sex is thrown out there more than is used to be and is made to think its not a big deal.

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In some foreign countries such as India, sex is not flaunted and is defiantly not promoted publicly. Motivation for them is private and not advertised. In some European countries the culture consists of nudity as a normal thing and part of their culture.

This might be motivation in America, but not in these European cultures because they see it daily. Religion and home life also have effects on sexual motivation for any country. Whether a strict society or one that promotes sexual acts, all culture has effect on sexual motivation. The cultural motivation for sex in America has changed over the past thirty years. Sex was not as much a publicly advertised thing. Television shows and especially movies in present day have gone from kissing scenes to full nudity sex scenes.

These shows make it look like sex isn’t a big deal so it motivates people to do it more often. An example movie would be The 40-Year Old Virgin. This movie is all about a guy trying to have sex and throughout the whole movie it has many scenes with nudity. To an american, especially a teen, would be a big motivation because nudity is not something our culture represents publicly. Music also has gone to singing about sex in detail which is also a motivation. The song “I Just Had Sex” says it all. The artist sings about sex and that would motivate people for sex.

The reason for that is because music has not always been about things like sex so now when they hear new sexual songs its a motivation. Another example of American’s sexual motivation would be fashion advertising. The way companies model a clothing brand or even a new perfume line are all mostly nude models or women and men in sexual ways. The Gucci Guilty perfume ad is a woman and a man looking like they are about to have sex. Advertisement even twenty years ago was not this sexual so this is why in American culture today has a great effect on sexual motivation.

Times have changed in America and the culture is starting to have more and more effect on sexual motivation. Peer influence has a great motivation for you especially if all your peers are sexually active. In other countries the sexual motivation is different than the culture effects in America. For a country like India, their sexual motivation sometimes comes from ads you see on the street, but their country is more strict on pubic sex. The motivation does not come from women in reveling clothing because as a law the Indian women are not allowed to wear such clothes.

Although sex is not as promoted in India like in America, young people still see more sexual sources than their parents. It is researched that the majority of the young Indian people in present day have learned about sex by magazines, television, and billboards. The Indian government wants to take action and introduce sex education as part of a school curriculum because the young people are learning about the sex in a way that doesn’t teach them the risks and consequences. Their culture tries to keep the public sexual motivation down and the knowledge up.

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