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This report is about setting up my own business in Werrington. I will be demonstrating my business studies knowledge throughout and applying this to setting up my Caf� business, "Brad's Caf�". I will collect research and show how this affects the development of a marketing strategy for my business.

Section 1 - Introduction to my business 1.1 Type of business I would like to set up a caf�. This would be a successful business because it would give people of all ages a place to hang out relax, and sip a nice cup of coffee. It would also be successful because there is no immediate competition in the area, only in nearby towns such as Hanley or Bucknall. A final reason my business would be successful is because I would not only serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate. I would also have a selection of sandwiches, snacks such as chips, jacket potatoes and desserts such as dairy ice cream, tempting donuts or even delicious Belgian waffles.

My business would help to support the local community because it would give them somewhere to sit in peace. It would also be a place where people could meet friends and catch up with old times or just have a random chat as good friends do. Another thing that I would do to help the community is give it disabled access and large gangways so wheelchairs would have no problem whatsoever. This would be expensive but it is the law. It would give teenagers a place to go and this would drag them off the street. Meaning that kids would be safe and all elderly people would have no reason to feel unsafe in and around their own homes.

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The immediate competition in Werrington is very low. This is because I wouldn't be challenged for serving drinks and snacks but I would be concerned by the chip shop and the red onion because they are established food services that people may prefer to my caf food. Although I shouldn't have a problem with immediate competition, the competition from Hanley (a neighbouring town) would be a threat to my business. Hanley has popular cafs such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Caf� Nero and La Pasteria and with it only being a ten minute drive away people may decide to go there instead of coming to a little cafin Werrington.

Positioning of my business is very important. I would like to set up my business next to the post office. I would like to place it on this location because it is on a main road in the town centre and anyone driving past might just stop by for a break. I would also locate here because it would boost my reputation and my sales with the nearby shops being so popular already.

My caf� would provide hot drinks, soft drinks and still drinks such as orange juice. It will be an alcohol free zone. I would offer a variety of snacks rising from a packet of crisps and biscuits to a delicious homemade dessert. Finally I would give the public well cooked and fresh hot food such as sausage rolls, chips, burgers etc. Anything that I do not provide what the public want, I will try my utmost to start serving what they desire.

The name of my business will be Brad's Caf This is because it is simple, straight to the point and people can tell exactly what it is. Another reason I would call it this is because is the type of business it is and it is my name used in the business' name. Ownership Two different types of ownership are as partnership and a sole trader. A sole trader business is a business that is owned by one person. A partnership is a business with unlimited liability, which means that the owners are responsible for all debts etc. and it has two or more owners.

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