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Second part of the company name

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The adverts I have chosen to analyse, rather accidentily, advertise the same product; holidays. However, since one is for cruises in thre Medditeranian and one for short breaks in the highlands of Scotland, there are sure to be differences in audience, motive and so on. The motives haveto be considered entirely different for the two adverts; one is an advert intended to sell the cruises of a perticular company (Swan Hellenic), whilst the other is intended to increase the turism trade in the highlands of Scotland. The product for the Swan Hellenic advert are the cruises themselves, with the brand name being Swan Hellenic, a name used by a larger company (P&O Princess Cruises); the second advert is not nearly so clear cut; the product seems to be holidays in the Scottish highlands, regardless of the company banner, and the brand name seems to be, rather oddly, Scotland itself.

Both adverts are trying to sell a perticular holiday, but approach it in entirely different ways; the Swan Hellenic advert uses the already existing image of the medderanian , where as the Scottish highland advert tries to create a new image for them. This is seen in both the picture and text of the adverts; the Swa Hellenic presents the Medtterian at its idyllic best; sweeping green trres, sundrenched white rocks and amazing mountain scenery are used; the image of the meddeteranian as a place of history and culture is also created; a picture of an ancient monnestry implies the cultural and historical significance of the medeteranian.

In contrast, the Scottish highlands advert goes directly against images traditionally asocitared with Scotland (tartan, bagpipes, thistlkes and the coloursof the Scottish flag), presenting Scotland as suave and sophisticated through the use of stylish andelegent purples (no tartan colours, no blue and white) with stylish sillouetes of a young couple rather tha traditional imagesof the scots, perticularly higlanders, who are seen to be more Scottish than other Scots.

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The personality created for Scotland is an andvanced and chic one; the personalitybeing create or te Meddeterian is a rustiic and traditional one, with rural and religious values being upheld; the use of an imgae of a remote lcation also suggests that the medeteranian is an ideal place to visit if you wish 'get away from it all' and that it is free from the pressures of modern life (this is implied by the use of a monnestry, the monnestrry shows the importance of religion to the people of the Meddeterian and perhaps that the havesimpler values than modern westeners; this reinforces the image of the area being free of the contraints of modern life), whilst the opposite image is created for Scotland via the use of modern and fashionable colurs and a modern, young couple.

Both these advertisements came from The Times' glossy magazine supplemnt, so the target audience is likely to be the more educated individuals who make up the readership of The Times, and who will be able to afford expensive cruises or luxury breaks to the Scottish highlands; this is affirmed by a staementon the Swan Hellenic advert; 'cruises start from just ½1,249'. Clearly, the the use of the word 'just' before a sum which is out of the question for many's holiday budgets shows that the audience are higher earners, especcialy when one considers the fact that is the starting price, the minimum amount needed for a cruise.

The target audience of the Scotland advert is most probably either young couples or slightly older couples wnating to revive lost romance with a cosy break; the use of an embraci ng couple confirms this. The Medderanian cruise holiday's target audience will most probably be either couples or groups of friends who want to get away from it all and enjoy travelling, and are prepared to pay for the luxury of the cruise; herein lies the motive for buying the product; the luxury which is assured by the price tag and also the built up image of the brand name ensure that the reader of the magazine, if he or she wants luxury, will choose this product over others; the advert even uses it's brand name's history of reliability

The two adverts differ hugely in their use of pictures or photos; the advertisement for meditation cruises uses the scenery of the Mediterranean to try and demonstrate the beauty of the area; the picture entices the potential reader into reading the text with its stunning nature; it leaps out of the page at you because of the breathtaking nature of the scenery; in contrast, the Scottish highlands advert the picture is secondary; the use of lilac or mauve shades of purple (i.e. colours which don't leap out at are by their nature gentle) makes the text (which is a white, which glaringly stands out) seem the key focus for the reader.

Because the Scottish highlands do not have a reputation which is desirable to the advertisers, there are a variety of techniques used to dispel it. Typically the Scottish highlands are thought to be remote and behind the times, with nothing to offer the modern person; the use of a couple ho are clearly young tries to dispel that image. Also, the Scottish highlands are typically perceived as being remote and so old fashioned in outlook; the use of modern colours and the fact that the advert shows a couple who are most probabaly too young to be married kissing and embracing near a bed try and dispel this preconception.

The use of the couple in n intimate scenario also draws many people in to reading the advert; sadly, sex sells. The image gives a cosy, personal and intimatefeel to the advert which is reaffirmed by the text; the bad weather is clearly outside the window whilst the reader sees the coupleinsideand protected from the cold; suggesting a warm atmosphere. Combined, these images suggest to the target audience (who we assume are young, perhaps newly-wed couples or older couples looking to re-kindleromance) that the Scottishh Highlands will provide a warm, cosy and intimate atmosphere for them, and also that they are modern enough to accommodate their needs; it appeals to both audiences. The medderanian cruise advert showcases the best of the medderanaian; it's beautiful landscapes, it's culture, it's rich and varied history and backs all of this up with a brand name gurantee, showing a potential buyer what he or she can have in te medderanian and guaranteeing that he or she will receive it because of the brand name.

Because of the importance of the brand name and its reputation the logo is far more important in the mederanian advert; is displayed prominetly, and the features a white and pale blue with a swan; the swan is traditionally asociated with being graceful, yet strong; the colurs of blue and white show these qualities in the swan; by placing the swan so close to a ship, the qualiies transfer to the hip; the second part of the company name is also very important.

Helenic is derived from Helen of Troy, the woman whose visage 'luanched one thousand ships'; with the beuty implied in Helen, and the grace and power of the swan, the ship becomes all of these things; beautiful, powerful, graceful; the illustration of the ship shows a pristine cruiser sailing on seas of a magnificent, rich blue, below an unclouded and unfaltering sky of royal blue; the illustration conveys all the qualities asociated with both the swan and Helen of Troy.

Second part of the company name essay

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