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Saving Water

The Solution is in the Tips of our Hands. “We think this water may one day be lost to us forever,” a phrase said by Mohanbhai G. Patel, a hopeless well owner from India mentioned on the essay Water Pressure, presented in the book Green.

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This essay portrays a great understanding of how humans can change the water scarcity problem in remote places, such as villages in India and Africa, by just spreading their knowledge and showing methods that will decrease the effect of this ceaseless issue.

Some of us do not have the capacity and resources to help third world countries, but we do have the ability to change the community we live in; and it all starts at home. A simple, sustainable method we could practice is running the clothes washer and dish washer only when full. This concept may seem extremely appealing to members of a household but the actual idea of practicing the method might turned out to be unrealistic.

In order to make this water saving practice effective, one person should begin the trend of implying the practice in their daily life, demonstrating to the people surrounding him/her it’s not difficult to become a guardian of this crucial element. The conception on how the problem should be faced are based on my beliefs and inexperienced perception of human action, for this reason I consulted my grandmother’s judgment on this matter. Agueda grew up in the Cuban countryside where washing machines didn’t even exist less than a decade ago. If you need three pieces of clothes for the next day, just fill a little bucket with water, place the items inside, and let it sit there for thirty minutes; your clothes would be as wearable as if you wash it twenty times in the washer. ”(Delgado) It was important taking into consideration the concerns of person my age and how water shortage worldwide was affecting his life. One of my classmates, named Carlos Garcia, who seems very passionate about this issue, was the perfect candidate to provide some information on this method. I asked him about the dishwasher and how he believed using this machine only when needed as going to make a change. He laughed at the fact that people actually use them as an instrument for washing dishes. “Just because a person got a patent on an invention do not means is useful at home,” Carlos quoted. From his point of view having a dishwasher at home is a waste of space, water, and electricity. His mother, who is the main user of the dishwasher, stores kitchen appliances and has never turn power button on. The author of the essay presented earlier, Fen Montaigne, shows a variety of approaches on how to solve the water deficiency problem and demonstrates how this water distress affects different regions of the world.

The story starts as he travels throughout India with a popular dam constructor that has built, with his movement, an estimated of 4,500 dams in about 1000 villages. This break of events illustrates how a person can impact thousands of people by just showing them how to work together to alleviate the great necessity of water sources that were nonexistent to this time. Now how do I relate his experiences to my sustainable practice at home? We start conserving water using a simple method will then expand our horizons little by little when we get our families involved, and later on our community.

Judging on the opinion of an elderly person, a college student, or an educated writer should not be well structure evidence on how the problem should be confronted. You would make your own decision according to your beliefs, and understanding of the concept. By investing on researching any of the earlier stated methods and creating greater knowledge, anyone can help to promote water preservation, and anyone can help to halt this international crisis.