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Saggy Pants

Timothy Wilson English 111 September 22, 2012 11:00a. m. -11:50a.

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m. SAGGY PANTS Saggy pants are a manner of wearing trousers below the waist, revealing much of the underwear. Most young men sag their pants to evaluate a certain style that has been seen at school or on television. Saggy pants is a detriment to society where it is cultivate in the prison system, it promotes gang activity, and increases theft. Today more young men are walking around in public with saggy pants disrespecting older adults and their community.

A lot of grown folks hate the fact that they have observe this conspiracy in public. First of all, some young people believe that saggy pants is a freedom of expression, but some want it to be under a law. Today lawmakers are pushing for an ordinance that would ban the wearing of saggy pants in public places. During the first decade of the 21st century, many local governments, school systems, transit agencies, and even airlines pass law regulations against practicing of wearing saggy pants.

Most federal states have banned the practice of some people that might want to show their underwear. In fact, some movies have influence on young men to wear their pants like that because some movies are only advised to mature adults. Secondly, I believe that some people that does this is related to some gang or group. Most rappers wear their saggy pants are showing young men that it is ok the be cool and to stand out. Even though some have belt, but refuse to wear them on and still wear they saggy pants.

Belts are to be put on your pants to keep them from being loose or falling on your body. A lot of young men are taught to wear them at school because of the school rules about saggy pants. Most school codes require that you must wear a belt to class or be sent back home. In short, I believe that all kids with sagging clothing is violating school dress codes and in the court system. Thirdly, there is a fear of people associating the way young men dress as crimes being committed for having saggy pants.

Today a lot of saggers are being arrested for disorderly conduct in a public environment. Now there is a law saying that if police sees anyone sagging their pants will have to go to jail. Furthermore, it has since become a symbol of freedom and cultural awareness among some young men and a symbol of their rejection to the values of mainstream society. Most court systems sent out a law regarding the issue. For some people to have saggy pants without wearing a belt will be put into jail. In conclusion, I am against saggy pants because it is disrespectful to older adults and society.

I believe that the laws about saggy pants should all be purpose to all cities and states in America. For example, I believe that schools and colleges should show a video and saggy pants to students and the consequences that comes with it. Today a lot of young men are wearing belts to hold their pants together, but still we have those who want to show their saggy pants in public and want to be notice. Too many young people are in jail because of this, but has a brilliant mind to be whatever they want to be all because they want to sag their pants.