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His Talk, Her Talk

It is no secret that men and women have marriage problems. A big source of that happens to be communication issues. Men tend to not be interested in what the women wants to talk about.

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Same goes with women, they may not be as interested in male conversations or men do not give as much detail as the women would like. That is why many are attending marriage counseling. For couples in marriage counseling a good essay to read is “His talk, her talk”, by Joyce Maynard. It talks about how there are different ways men and women talk. Males tend to talk about general things and skip details.

Females will usually talk about a certain topic and stay on it. Men will usually just skip from topic to topic. Another essay that would be a good read is “Man to man, women to women”, by Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Hags. They talk about how males and females talk about different things. Women tend to talk about kids, jobs, husbands and other female things. Men will usually just stick to sports, work, and anything else that happens to be in their surroundings, as in anything that happens to be on the news. So men and women differ in conversation.

The essay I would most recommend would be “His talk, her talk”, by Joyce Maynard. It basically states that it is okay for a husband and wife do not have the most in common when it comes to conversations. Women and men talk about different things. The other spouse is just supposed to accept that. That would help others open their eyes. In conclusion both essays are good, but that is the one I would recommend. The one bad thing about it is that it is from one women’s perspective. One situation does not speak for everyone. However it does speak for the majority. So it would help many couples in marriage counseling.