Results and Performance Monitoring

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Jamba Juice attained its target by day 8. All the 100,000 coupons allocated for the two weeks had been downloaded by the eighth day. Approximately 50% of the budget was spent. Since online coupons were used, the progress could easily be monitored. It was a successful advertisement campaign. Most of the new customers said they loved the juice and Coletta believes that loyalty among existing customers was enhanced (White, 2008). Critical Success Factors Marketing Research Before conducting any advertisement plan, there must be a conclusive study on the market to determine the possibility of success of the campaign.

These include the customer's loyalty to competitors' products, the impact that the promotion is likely to have and the best method to be used to reach the target customers (Morrison, 2008). Jamba Juice applies this critical success factor since it conducts a market survey to determine customer demands and preferences as well as competitor's products. This way, they could easily determine whether the campaign would attract response from the customers. Ability to target particular market segments

Every product targets a particular market hence the need for the marketing department to direct their efforts towards this particular market (Grunig, 2007). Jamba Juice focuses on women as their major customers and that is why they ensure that their advertisement reaches the right people. Jamba Juice uses the Real Media's 24/7 Women Interests Vertical Channel where they know many women are likely to spot the advertisement. Evaluate communication channels This comes in as a major success factor for any advertisement application.

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The audience or target customers determine the channel of communication to be used be it print media, radio, TV or internet channels (Morrison, 2008). The choice of channel should be dictated by the ability to reach your target market (Grunig, 2007). Jamba Juice has chosen to use the internet for its "BOGO" campaign. This could largely be due to the fact that internet use is on the rise and it is possible to reach numerous people. The campaign was targeting an inter-state market and the internet being a world-wide communication tool provided the best channel to reach its customers. Target An advertising plan must have a target.

A target represents the objectives that the company intends to achieve by the end of the advertisement campaign (Morrison, 2008). The target helps in setting an achievable plan and also helps in budget preparation. Further, it forms the basis for evaluation of the advertising plan. Jamba Juice's "BOGO" campaign had a target of giving 100,000 coupons within two weeks. In their forecasts, they intended to reach at least 70,000 new and existing customers by the end of their campaign. Jamba Juice therefore embraced the critical factor of always setting a target in an advertising plan. Define mechanisms to monitor performance

Performance refers to the results of the advertisement effort. According to Grunig (2007) in order to gather whether the advertisement was successful, the company needs to monitor performance. For Jamba Juice, the internet made it quite easy given that the rate at which the coupons were being downloaded could be monitored. There was actually few monitoring options for this kind of advertising apart from tracking the performance through the internet. Gather customer feedback An advertisement application should gather customer feedback to determine whether the advertisement was effective (White, 2008).

This should involve conducting surveys on customers who used the product to determine whether they liked it or not. Customer feedback research also involves establishing any complaints and suggestions from the consumers and their comparison of the product from other companies' products (Grunig, 2007). The company is likely to predict whether these customers will buy the product again in future from the nature of feedback given. This aspect is not very well displayed in the Jamba case study. The company only used customer care representatives to ask customers what they liked about their beverages during the point of purchase.

Nothing was done to follow up new customer's views after taking the beverages Advertising budget A budget is invaluable in any business activity. In advertising, the budget helps to restrict the amount of resources to be used in the process in comparison to the projected results (White, 2008). A budget should incorporate the allocation of finances to the various projects in advertisement. In Jamba's case, the company needed to pay Global Web Alliance in order to place the advertisement on the internet to be distributed in the different sites. The expense incurred by the company on the free drink is also part of the advertisement budget.

Conclusion The success of an advertisement campaign depends on the manager's ability to make a good plan. Ability to identify the critical success factors is bound to make the campaign even more effective. Proper identification of the target market, ability to design a campaign strategy that reaches your target market and making follow up assessments are ideally the most important components of a successful advertisement plan. Jamba Juice's management seems to understand this critically and hence the reason why their advertisement was a success.

The target market is well known and the campaign has clear-cut targets and objectives that should be accomplished in the two week time frame. The advertising application can be said to have utilized most advertising critical success factors. Word Count: 1464 References Grunig, P. D. (2007). Public Relations and Marketing Practices. London: SAGE. Morrison, M. (2008). Critical Success Factors in Advertising and Public Relations. New York: John Wiley and Sons ltd. White, P. M. (2008). Effective Advertising. Journal of Economics, 26(2),129-157.

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