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Responding Techniques

Responding and summarizing begins with using active and responding where I preview the author’s background as well as the writing context. Summarizing accurately and objectively represent key ideas. A summary cites the author and title, quotes key phrases or sentences directly and describe the main ideas and feature of a text.

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Responding is critiquing the ideas in the text. Responding technique gives responses that may agree or disagree with the argument in the text.

Responses may analyze the argument, organization or quality of evidence in the text; and/or they may reflect on assumptions or implications. Summary includes main ideas and key features while a response includes my reactions, comments and questions. A summary gives a reader an objective and condensed account of the main ideas and features of a text while a response. A response should include own perspective, experiences, attitudes and beliefs that will guide in a particular response.

To make it effective, a response paper effective, I need to say what I think and show why I think so. The response should show the relationship between my opinions and the argument in the text. A response requires analyzing the effectiveness of the text, agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s ideas and interpreting and reflecting on the text. Responses must be supported by evidence, facts, examples and details.

Personal experience, evidence form the text and other texts form supporting evidence for good responses. In responses, there is need for in text citations like sentences and phrases. Ideas from other books, essays and articles are relevant. Usually, summary appears first and then the reader’s response. The two parts are carefully integrated where the response focuses quickly on the main idea summarized. Use a clear transition from the summary and response or integrate both the summary and response throughout.