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Resource Based View Approach

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Persuasion Tools Model Kenneth Berrien ‘40s Definition This model helps an individual find the best way to negotiate, by using and recognizing an individuals capabilities and intuition. How does it work? Using a model to see which point an individual stands horizontally represents influencing and vertically represents the intuition needed. For example: one with a low level of intuition but good at influencing it would be best to use logic. Low intuition and poor at influencing, best approach is compromise. Limitations: isky using emotions in negotiations. A clear understanding of the clients is needed. Emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion are skills that people with high levels of these are required to take advantage of, these people can be rare to find. How can these skills be measured? How can each person be assigned a certain quadrant? Good negotiators have a mixture of all of these! Advantages: Provides a clear model tool to seek out with employees possesses which of the quadrants and they can fulfill their role naturally.

Good form of management responsibility. Can reap short/long term benefits. Good preparatory skills. Negotiation skills are a good asset and can lend to other areas of life. A useful characteristic! INVESTMENT- SECURING. SALES- SUPPLIERS. EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT. Link to EQ 1. Knowing emotions 2. Managing emotions 3. Motivating yourself 4. Recognizing and understanding other peoples emotions (empathy). 5. Managing relationships i. e. managing other peoples emotions. Define each quadrant of the model+ examples Logic = Facts, data, computer based models.

Use office example Bargaining = high levels of intuition and general intelligence through communication. Use market stall example, or buying goods in china. Compromise = Less skilled negotiators use. Accepting less money to get something you really want. Use time off work. Distributive bargaining: Compromise bargaining, not all negotiations can end in a win-win situation. Win-lose approach! Call up the car garage and work out their monthly target, how much cash they need, what other services they can offer then make a deal that suits both.

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Integrative bargaining: Both sides fighting over a price, hiding their real positions and aims, like POKER. Fighting over a price of a fixed package of goods or services Evaluation Different industries require different approaches to bargaining. This model is a great way of mapping out person’s skills linked to the negotiation process and linking the two. Comparing integrative negotiation and distributive negotiation = and make own personal judgment in third person. KEY WORDS Translating Confidence influential Exchanging

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