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Requirements Analysis and Ice Cream Machine

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1.0 Introduction

In business like merchandising, Sales and Ordering system plays an important role. It is used to track all the transactions made by the business and responsible for monitoring the items supplies. All the business transactions must be properly recorded and must be fully secured by password. A Computerized system is the best solution and most innovative answer for their needs.

The researchers had been motivated to do a study on this topic according to the above observation. The result may help others to understand more about computer-generated data processing, especially on how to deal with computers in terms of speed, accuracy and data security.

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Monitoring the transactions and other significant information regarding the customer of Puno’s Ice Cream is the main concern of this study. Also covered in the study are saving of information and transaction records with the customers.

The Sales and Ordering System is concern with the processing of the transactions of the customers and owner and saving the sales records at the same time. These saved records area filed and stored for future use. This computerized system is important to a company because through it, the owner can easily assist the customers and store data safely. And also the monitoring of stocks is the most important part of this system.

1.1 Background of the Study Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet is a well-known ice cream brand in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija since it was established in the late 1940’s. The company was founded by Atanacio and Simeona Puno, natives of Arayat, Pamapanga, who later migrated to Cabanatuan City after World War II. They decided to put up the ice cream business to send their 9 children to school. Starting a business for the couple was a challenge due to lack of formal education and insufficient capital. The ice cream manufacturing process was mainly done manually in the ancestral home of the Puno family.

Finished product storage and distribution operations of the company were also done in the same place. Products were vended in a pushcart as a street food. Through the years, the demand for ice cream increased prompting the Puno family to fabricate an ice cream machine to increase production capacity from 10 to 20 gallons/day. However, upon the demise of Mr. Atanacio Puno in 1972, the business enterprise declined since the ice cream business was attached to his name. With the sheer perseverance and determination of Mrs. Simeona Puno and her children, the business venture was revived and continued to expand to the present times. The demand for ice cream and sherbet continuously increased from the late 1980’s to early 1990’s requiring the company to invest on an additional ice cream machine.

Products were made available in bulk containers specifically in gallon-, half-gallon- and liter-capacities, instead of cart vending. In 2003, in its efforts to bring their products closer to its target customers, a distribution outlet was established in a nearby town in Talavera. In 2004, as production volume further increased, the company experienced major problems on drainage, pest and rodent infestation, inventory management and storage. As a consequence, management renovated the manufacturing area to resolve problems with Good Manufacturing Practices. In its continuous pursuit to make their products available and accessible to its customers, another distribution outlet was established in Sta. Rosa, a nearby town in the south of Cabanatuan City.

Part of the company’s expansion plan is to establish scooping stations and distribution outlets in each province of Central Luzon to reach more customers. In 2007, the management of Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet decided to register the organization under a corporate name which is Puno’s Frozen Dairies Inc. Maintaining the brand name of Puno’s Ice Cream, Puno’s Frozen Dairies Inc. will continue the vision and mission established by Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet. In 2009, a continuous ice cream production was put in place in the new production facility of the company.

This enabled the company to meet with the constantly increasing ice cream demand, and increasing number of distribution outlets. For more than six decades, Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet has perfected the taste and quality of their products making it the premium Ice Cream Manufacturing Plant in the entire City of Cabanatuan. Thus far, Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet is known as the “makers of quality made-to-order ice cream and sherbet” in Cabanatuan City and is the established brand in the entire City. 1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.2.1 General Problem The Main Problem of Puno’s Ice Cream Company does have no computerized order and sales system. and their services slow down. In their current system, problems like missing order, loss of data, and wrong delivery details could possibly occur.

1.2.2 Specific Problem 1. Slow Ordering. They encounter slow ordering because they use Manual transactions of order and slow transaction of ordering system and not fast process of ordering.

2. Loss of Data Data corruption such as file system corruption or database corruption so that the data or the file will loss.

3. Time Consuming for Ordering. It takes too much time for manual ordering and record the sales.

1.3 Objectives of the Study 1.3.1 General Objective The main objective of this study is to develop a computerized sales and ordering system that would provide fast process of ordering and get more sales. To help also the employee transaction fast and to maintain and secure data entry of the company and free from error.

1.3.2 Specific Objective To develop a module that will help the employee to Process good and more accurate transactions. The lists below are Specific Objectives in the design and development of this proposal:

1. To create the system that can give the fast transaction or process and to eliminating slow transaction of the ordering of the clients.

2. To implement a system that would improve the level of transaction and generate records.

3. To develop a system that has fast ordering system and maintains entry of data.

1.4 Significance of the Study: The researchers intend to update and enrich the system in the company. Make easy transactions and give a good benefit to all individual. The contribution and benefits of the study:

Owner- is the individual or entity that enjoys the benefits of owning an asset, regardless of whose name the title of the property or security is in.

Employee- an innovative contract consulting organization designed for companies and organizations that are collaborating for performance improvement.

Customer- The real or perceived value that a customer experiences or believes he is receiving through interaction with a company. Benefits may include resolution of a problem, achievement of a desired outcome or fulfillment of a need through a purchase; a feeling of confidence following purchase; or satisfaction with post-purchase service.

Company- this is your opportunity to work in a highly successful company that goes to great lengths to put the customer first.

1.5 Scope and Limitation: A. Scope

1. The standards of this project include product to be ordered, privacy, safe and secure ordering, and service.

2. It provides a fast transaction and eliminates manual process of monitoring orders.

3. The system is easy to use.

B. Limitation

1. The user can log in its username and password to know its information and limitation.

2. The cashier/employee compute the order of the customer and allow to cancel the transaction if the input order is a error. 2. The manager can view the summary of the daily sales and edit the report.

Requirements Analysis and Ice Cream Machine essay

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